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The Political Werewolf

If you know me, then you know I'm a big political nut. So, I've decided to add my own personal flavor to the realm of political discussion. We'll be talking about various issues - some of them having to do with current events, others perhaps more on a philosophical level. But in any case, you're free to respond to whatever you read here, either by E-mail or on the message board.

All righty, here we go.

Where's the Utopia?

Someone ought to sue the Democratic Party for false advertisement.

Since time immemorial, the California Democrats - along with their cheerleaders in the DNC - have been running on the same mission statement: everything will be fine and dandy if you'll just hand over the reins to the government. And for over four years, liberal democrats have had a virtual monopoly over the state of California. According to them, we should now be living in a perfectly utopian society, where all of our needs, wants, whims and worries are taken care of by the friendly folks in Sacramento.

You'll excsue me if I sound like I'm nitpicking, but it seems to me that the product of your years of liberal rule over California has hardly resulted in a perfect world.

What I do see, however, is a state going straight down the proverbial drain. Where once a $12 billion budget surplus sat, we now find a $38 billion deficit - that's 50 giga-bucks that have just evaporated with nothing to show for it. (Meanwhile, the state government has shown that they'd rather illegally triple our car registration fees than cut out any wasteful spending - because God knows all the money we're sending to the government is being spent efficiently.)

Environmental policy, not energy policy, was the factor in the refusal to build power plants while the state's population soared. As a result, Californians spent the summer of 1999 worrying if they'd be without electricity for hours at a time. Illegal immigration has gotten so out of hand that the state is entertaining the prospect of running up the white flag and handing these lawbreakers driver's licenses. Similarly, high school students aren't displaying the rudimentary skills needed to pass an exit test, so they're doing away with the test. People and businesses are fleeing the state, akin to a pioneer movie stuck in rewind, to escape the state's asphyxiating tax codes.

Many people have already placed the blame of the state's woes squarely on the shoulders of our governor, Joe "Gray" Davis. But as inept as Davis is, one man couldn't screw up such a large area this much. (However, you certainly have my blessing - and my signature - in relieving this man from his post at the first opportunity.) Rather, the entire state government is guilty of gross mismanagement and waste. And while the common rebuttal from Democrats is to blame any woes on a right-wing conspiracy, the fact is that there isn't a Republican in any significant position of power in this state.

The governor is a Democrat. The lieutenant governor, Cruz Bustamante, is a democrat. The attorney general, Bill Lockyer, is a democrat. The finance commissioner - the one who shoved the new car fees down our throats - is a democrat. Both the state assembly and state senate are made up of 60% democrats. We have liberal mayors in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, and Santa Barbara. Both our U.S. Senators and most of our Congresspeople are - you guessed it! - democrats.

The only reason why California hasn't detached from the continent and begun floating into the Pacific Ocean is because there are a few concentrated pockets of conservatives out there. (Bless you, Orange County.)

Now, I'm sure there are probably a few Democrats out there reading this. (There has to be - how else would you explain them having such a chokehold on our state government?) To them, I say this: for years, Democrats have run mainly on a platform of fear and scaremongering. If Republicans are elected, they claimed, our budget would be thrown into deficit, our economy would fall apart, our education system would collapse, and greedy utility companies would fatten up their earnings while squeezing the public with insane prices. Meanwhile, that's exactly what's happening in this state - and lo and behold, it wasn't the Republicans who caused it.

With the growing fervor surrounding the recall of Joe Davis, Californians are slowly waking up to the gravity of the situation. The Democratic Party has had for years to deliver on their promises of paradise. Not only have they failed to deliver, they have simply failed.

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