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Map: Castle Charlock, the Dragonlord's Lair

First floor

First basement

Second basement

Third basement

    1. Erdrick's Sword

Fourth basement

Fifth basement

Sixth basement (Correct)

Sixth basement (Wrong)

Seventh basement

    1. Empty
    2. 500-760 Gold
    3. Magic Key
    4. Wings
    5. Cursed Belt
    6. Empty

Route to Erdrick's Sword:
Route to the Dragonlord:

  • All other staircases are negligible.
  • If you choose the wrong path (by going down staircase H & J), you will be stuck in a loop on the sixth basement, wherein you will return at the upward staircase when you try to go down to the seventh basement. To get out of this loop, simply go back up the stairs and make your way back to the fourth basement.

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