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Monday, 3/31/03, 11:21 AM
This chapter'll blow you away

The fifth chapter of Ki'rath is now available for reading. Now you get to see him do something other than lug columns around.

And this rant is about windbags

My second political column is now availabe for reading. This one's all about a certain segment of the left who are especially annoying.


Thursday, 3/27/03, 12:20 PM
I'm glad you guys like it

Ki'rath continues with the fourth chapter. I've gotten a handful of comments on the story so far, all of it quite positive. Thanks for the feedback.

I believe the word I'm looking for is... "UNF".

One of the coolest things for furries is when you find someone who's willing to draw your character for you. Even better, when they do it for free. And now, thanks to ShyGuy from DDRFreak, I present my first commission!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to jump up and down a bit.


Monday, 3/24/03, 11:56 AM
Open foot, insert mouth

Well, I've brought back my rants, this time making them of a more political bent. I'm just glad the people I'm in close contact with around here tend to agree with me anyway.

Ki'rath continues; feedback?

Chapter 3 of my story has now been posted. Seriously, if you've been reading it at all, please let me know. I'd like to see if this is getting out to anyone.


Monday, 3/17/03, 11:43 AM
Subtitled "Guess which cartoons Loog's been watching lately"

Well, I posted my little trailer on the message board, and it didn't get any response. Hopefully you guys will read this anyway. (And yes, I do know what I'm getting myself into.)


Wednesday, 3/5/03, 12:08 PM
If I hear that death music ONE more time...

After a three-hour playing session that resulted in me throwing in the towel in the next-to-last level, I have finished my review for Adventure Island. Now I never have to play that dog ever again.


Monday, 3/3/03, 6:00 PM
Congrats to Pyramid - 2003 GST Champion

The sixth annual Game Show Tournament has come to a close, and Pyramid has once again taken the gold. In a 24-7 rout, it knocks off Jeopardy! for the second year in a row. Now the question is: is three in a row enough to get it into the Hall of Fame?


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