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Tuesday, 3/23/03, 2:35 PM
I keep my promises

Chapters 47 and 48 of Ki'rath are now up. I kinda stalled on updating them because I kinda hit a block on 50, but I've since gotten over it. I'll try to get back to updating the story weekly so that both people who still read it are sated.


Wednesday, 3/17/03, 9:16 AM
I ain't just speaking blarney

After seeing what happened in Spain, I felt compelled to write a PoliWolf column on what's happened in the wake of their attack. Needless to say, I'm not happy about it, and neither should you.

Oh, and I promise next week I'll put up some Ki'rath chapters. Hard to believe that thing started one year ago...


Monday, 3/1/03, 5:00 PM
Business as usual

If you've read my LiveJournal, then you'll know that the grocery workers have approved the new contract and will be heading back to work some time within the week. One that note, I guess it's time that I bring this page back on a provisional basis. I still doubt that I'll be able to update this thing weekly (especially since I'll be working - or at least trying to work - both my job at Vons and Toppers at the same time), but at least I'll try to update when the opportunity arises.

I've got a new PoliWolf column up now, one that's probably going to surprise a lot of you out there. And Ki'rath is now back in action with the start of the fifth saga up today. Finally, I've tinkered with the theme song for my proposal Strikeout!, and have the new MIDI for it up on the appropriate page.

And of course, if you haven't noticed already, the site's been once again tinted green in salutation of St. Patrick's Day coming up in a couple of weeks.


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