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Monday, 4/28/03, 1:05 PM
Pulling even with the Genesis

My third review for the Playstation is now complete, for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2. Does it merit GI's #4 spot on its top 100 list? Read it to find out.

One out of two ain't bad

The current saga of Ki'rath: Guardian of the Ceremony ends with the thirteenth chapter, now up. I'll go ahead and keep adding to this, but I'm going to take a little break and hold off on the next update until Monday. And sorry, no PoliWolf column today: I wrote something about the Rick Santorum mess, but I didn't like it and decided to scrap it for now.


Thursday, 4/24/03, 11:15 AM
It's over... well, almost

The twelfth chapter of Ki'rath is now up on the website. We're approaching the end of this story arc; I'm interested in seeing how many of you would like me to continue this story after this saga is finished. (I've already got another story lined up for Hogan, so it's ready to go if you guys want it.)


Wednesday, 4/23/03, 3:25 PM
More pictures to mock with your avatars

I've uploaded some pictures from the trip I took to a DDR tournament in Orange last Saturday. (Warning: 120 KB per picture x 13 pictures = a long load time if you're on dialup.)


Monday, 4/21/03, 12:07 PM
Taxes and talismans

My fifth Political Werewolf column is now complete, fresh off the heels of tax day. Also, Chapter 11 of Ki'rath is now on the website. We're almost at the end, I promise.


Thursday, 4/17/03, 9:23 PM
The plot thickens

Ki'rath has now reached its tenth chapter as the battle between good and evil intensifies.


Monday, 4/14/03, 12:02 PM
Another writing double-dip

The typical Monday updates today: a new Political Werewolf column and the latest chapter in my Ki'rath story.


Thursday, 4/10/03, 12:38 PM
Hey, it beats having to play a new game

After finishing another campaign with the game Secret of Mana, I've decided to rewrite the review. You'll find that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Getting close to seeing some action

Chapter 8 of Ki'rath is now on the site. Now that the training is over, the search begins.


Monday, 4/7/03, 2:29 PM
More writing for ya

The third Political Werewolf column and the seventh Ki'rath chapter are now up. Sorry if this sounds abrupt: I've been too busy playing The Werewolf Game on DDRFreak and now I need to get ready for work.


Thursday, 4/3/03, 11:18 AM
6 down, who knows how many to go

Chapter 6 of Ki'rath is now up. This one even has pictures! (Granted, they're depictions of a maze, but still, they're pictures.)


Wednesday, 4/2/03, 10:31 AM

I hope you guys enjoyed my April Fools joke. God knows I had fun making it. (In case you missed it, you can find the mangled page here.


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