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Thursday, 5/27/04, 5:17 PM
The Double Dip returns

A brand new chapter of Ki'rath and a new PoliWolf column are now up. I've also put them in their own separate directories for convenience - let me know if it results in any broken links.


Monday, 5/17/04, 9:52 PM
I knew I was forgetting something...

I thought I was leaving something out when I poted my last PoliWolf column, and now I can remember what it was; the next Ki'rath chapter.

By the way, if anyone out there reading it would like to contribute some fan art or anything, I'd be glad to see what you guys can come up with. </begging>


Friday, 5/14/04, 10:54 PM
Some things need to be said

A new PoliWolf column is up now. I don't know how much you guys will like what I have to say, but after what happened a couple days ago, it needs to be said.


Saturday, 5/8/04, 2:50 PM
A day late and a dollar short

No PoliWolf column today - I'm trying to figure out how to address the whole flap about these pictures of Iraqi prisoners without coming off like a total jackass.

In the meantime, though, feel free to paruse through Chapter 51 of Ki'rath.


Wednesday, 5/5/04, 4:02 PM
Some housekeeping is in order

Since NNR moved servers, I found myself needing to change the link on all the pages to reflect that. With that in mind, I figured now's as good a time as any to fix things up a little bit.

I've decided that there really isn't any need for the game show and video game sections to have their own front pages anymore, especially since they're hard to format (since neither one has a lot of content in the main section, it tends to make the top bar bigger and make things overall look kinda funky.) So, I've just linked to everything on the sidebar for convenience. Also, as you've probably noticed, I've gotten rid of a few sections that I think probably don't get a whole lot of attention. Lastly, I've taken out any links on the Link page that no longer work. I'll add some more in the near future... I hope.

I'll probably have Chapter 51 of Ki'rath up tomorrow, and maybe another PoliWolf column as well. I've gotten back to where I was on Ki'rath before my hard drive crashed, but I'd like to get some breathing room before I post the next chapter.


Friday, 4/30/04, 10:01 AM
Up and running again

Sorry about leaving this site hanging for a while. My old computer - the one I use mainly to develop content for the site - all but fell apart on me earlier, which meant I had very little opportunity to work on anything site-related.

Now that that problem has been solved, though, it's time for another standard update. The fiftieth chapter of Ki'rath is now up for reading, as well as a brand-new PoliWolf column. Enjoy!


Friday, 4/2/04, 9:30 AM
Let's Move On, shall we?

Hope you guys enjoyed yesterday's little April Fool's prank. (Incidentally, the only page that was changes was the front - everything else was intact.)

Back to normal, now, with a new PoliWolf column about Richard Clarke, and Chapter 49 of Ki'rath.


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