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Tuesday, 7/30/02, 11:47 AM
Joining the club

For months, I've seen people come into my store wearing the absolute coolest shirts I've ever seen. They're called club shirts: short-sleeve button-up shirts with comic book character designs all over them. They're bright, they're colorful, and most of all, they drive my parents up the wall.

I've been searching high and low for them, and I finally found them. Last weekend, I got a Wolverine shirt at Target for a mere $20, and yesterday I located a Dragonball Z shirt at JC Penney for $40. (Penney's also had the Wolverine shirt, also for $40, so I managed to save some money there. Probably would've saved some money if I had gotten the DBZ shirt on Sunday; apparently, they were on sale. ) There's also a Superman shirt I'm planning on getting (it's also $40, so it'll have to wait).

For $25,000, here is your first subject...

That's right; yours truly will be trying out for The Pyramid this Thursday evening. (That is, once I get them to fax me directions.) Wish me luck!


Monday, 7/29/02, 11:00 AM
Ladies and gentlemen, start your pencils...

I've completed yet another short story for your reading pleasure, entitled Closed Set. Moreover, I've posted all the necessary rules and regulations for my writing contest. If you think you could do a decent job at writing about werewolves, you might want to give it a shot. As you may have noticed, I've altered the link on the side to point to a master page for my writing as opposed to just my ADS story.


Sunday, 7/28/02, 5:28 PM
Dance your pants off!

I have fulfilled my promise for the month, with my second review for the video game lair. I'd tell you what it is, but I'm sure you can figure it out. I've also rewrote its capsule review (as I always do) and added a new one for Dance Dance Revolution Konamix on the Playstation.

Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow.


Saturday, 7/13/02, 6:21 PM
Boy, I'm hot this week

I have a new review in the Video Game Lair, for the Genesis game Kid Chameleon. Geez, I kick butt in DDR, I bowl one of my best games ever, I finish a short story, I find out I made the Dean's list at CSUN, and now I have a review up. This has been a pretty productive week, I must say.


Friday, 7/12/02, 12:20 PM
When an idea hits you, it hits hard

File this one under "Ask, and ye shall receive". No sooner did I start thinking about an addition to my writing nook that another story idea came up. The result: The Treehouse, a short story taking place in the same environment as ADS. I hope you guys like it.

Also, I've revised the Zoda's Revenge review a little bit. Hopefully it's a little more descriptive this time.


Thursday, 7/11/02, 4:14 PM
Not so tough without your car, are you?

A little DDR terminology for you folks - when you "cement" a song, it means you've passed it a second time, without aids like Solo arrows or faster scroll speed, proving that the first time you passed, it wasn't just a fluke.

Well, I just cemented Nearly 130. I also made quite a bit of an improvement on my percentage, with a 92.4% my first time today, and a 92.7% later on. If I had to pick one, though, I'd prefer to tout the 92.4, simply because I didn't lose a single life throughout all four songs. I had 1 Good on Higher (natch) the second time around. I also tried my hand at three other Onis - Pop 8, From IIDX, and Naoki Standard - but failed to get past the second song on any of them.

I also sight read Kakumei, bringing the cata count to 15. Not too hard, actually, once you get the rhythm down. Of course, if you're playing it as an extra stage, you also have it on 1.5 scroll, Reverse, Dark, and Sudden Death (one Good, Boo, Miss, or NG, and you fail). I got a C, so that would've been out of the question. Lastly, I got a second A on a cata - Orion .78 this time, with only 3 Goods, 1 Boo and 1 Miss. (Granted, I once got 5 steps away from Full Comboing My Summer Love about a month ago, and I never got that close again.)

Finally, it's been brought to my attention that there actually are people who have read A Dreamless Sleep and like it, believe it or not. (If you haven't, please do so. It'll only take you half an hour.) I've been working on expanding the story into an entire universe, along with having a contest to help develop said universe. I'll let you know when I've some more stuff for it.

Right now, I gotta mow the lawn.


Tuesday, 7/9/02, 4:59 PM
Making the best out of a situation

Today was supposed to be my third trip to TPiR. Of course, Bob Barker decided to have prostate surgery this week, so that kinda put the kibosh on the whole thing (and I was hoping to go on the 25th as well - but all the July tapings have been canceled. )

On the bright side, I did manage to crack new ground on DDR. I finally managed to get through the Nearly 130 Oni course on Max2. I even have the pic to prove it:

Now I just need to work on the Perfect percentage. I was at 90.6%; the high score is around 94%.

Also, I bowled five games for the first time in about a month and a half (that's right - I used to bowl, didn't I?) and got a total of 654 in those five games, including a 174 to cap it off. I still can't get a turkey to save my life, though. (Four times I had a double strike, and four times I came up empty.)

All in all, I'd say I put today to good use. I'm hoping to try out for the new $100,000 Pyramid next week - I'll keep you posted.


Wednesday, 7/3/02, 12:40 PM
Cookie Cookie Cookie starts with... Y?

It does when you're talking about Yoshi's Cookie, my latest review for the NES. I'm planning on doing two more reviews for the month: one for the Genesis and one for the Playstation (hint: First two words rhyme with "pants".)

Speaking of which, yesterday's DDR session had a couple minor accomplishments: I got closer than before to getting all Perfects on Kick the Can (305 Perfect, 8 Great), and beat So Deep with only Solo arrows as a crutch (and on the seldom-played 1P side, no less). Couldn't forge any new ground on Max 300, though.


Tuesday, 7/2/02, 10:45 AM
Leave the Panicking to Me

I've revised my proposal for the game show Panic Button, and it's now graduated from the Drawing Board. I also moved Domination up, since that also was fixed earlier.

If you've become attached to the Zoda's Adventure review, I suggest you save it while you can - I'm going to be tweaking it in the near future.


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