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Wednesday, 7/30/03, 12:07 PM
Better late than never, huh?

I promised a pair of PS2 reviews last week, but unfortunately my PS2 had something to say about that. I'm getting the dreaded DRE message and I'm going to have to get it repaired somewhere (as soon as I have the money). I did managed to complete one review, though, and that's for DDRMAX. You'll notice my grading criteria is a little different; I should hopefully have my rubric up before long.

Speaking of DDR...

Remember when I used to post on this page whenever I had a good DDR outing? Well, now I'm doing something similar to that again. I've constructed a spreadsheet to keep track of all my scores on the game. I've only had it for about a week, and I've noticed an improvement on my scores from being motivated to play harder. Who knows - I might shoot for my first official AAA later in the week.

Better late than never, huh? - Part 2

I've gotten Chapter 26 of Ki'rath ready for reading. Oh - and you definitely don't want to miss the next chapter.


Sunday, 7/20/03, 10:57 PM
Hey... J-J-Jaded...

Yesterday's trip to the Tour Stop Finals in Orange made for some pretty entertaining moments. Here's some pictures to help illustrate that point.

And in case your wondering: the PS2 reviews (yes, that's plural) are coming sometime this week. Stay tuned.


Monday, 7/14/03, 11:14 AM
The plot thickens... in more ways than one

Chapter 25 of Ki'rath is now up, and two new characters (well, one new one and one we'd barely seen) get into the action. Meanwhile, I've finished another PoliWolf article, hoping to expand on Question 10. And this one I'm hoping to get published; wish me luck.


Thursday, 7/10/03, 1:34 PM
Say cheese!

I finally managed to upload the pictures I took when Tyrant and I went to Tour Stop 4 in Long Beach. Feast your eyes!


Monday, 7/7/03, 12:02 PM
The legend continues

I now have Chapter 24 up for your reading pleasure.

In case you're wondering...

I'm planning on writing my first PlayStation2 review in the near future. Only thing is, I'll also be introducing a new scoring format for my reviews. While I figure out exactly how to score these new games, you can entertain yourself for now with this video of me doing a freestyle routine at a DDR tournament in Long Beach last month. Enjoy!


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