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Wednesday, 8/27/03, 2:23 PM
Another double-dip

Well, we have now reached the thirtieth chapter of Ki'rath (and there's still a couple more to go before this saga's finished), and this week's PoliWolf column talks a lot about the religious direction this country is headed in.


Thursday, 8/21/03, 12:37 PM
Remember "A Dreamless Sleep"?

One of my fans did. He submitted an idea for a story regarding the fictional environment I'd begun about two years ago. Not willing to let it fade away, he encouraged me to write for that series again. Well, I did. I'll warn you, though: this isn't quite as light-hearted as my other works.


Wednesday, 8/20/03, 3:24 PM
Welcome to my world

Seems like everyone else has one, so I've finally decided to get a blog. You can find it at: http://www.blurty.com/users/loogaroo/.

BTW, I might tweak the design of the site a little bit in the near future. I need to have some spots open for my Ki'rath story, my DDR scorecard, my Cafepress store (as if anyone would buy anything there), and my aforementioned Blurty. Stay tuned.


Tuesday, 8/19/03, 11:53 AM
The double-dip is back!

I've finally gotten off of my political keister and finished another PoliWolf column about the recall going on in California. Also, Chapter 29 is now up for reading.

Before I go, I'd just like to wish my brother Chris a happy 32nd birthday. Now I'm starting to feel old.


Wednesday, 8/13/03, 10:45 AM
Business as usual

Now that the revelation about Hogan has come and gone, Chapter 28 sees A'nake try to use this knowledge against him. It's now available for reading.


Thursday, 8/7/03, 11:15 AM
"Hack and slash" in more ways than one

I've now completed my second PS2 review, for the first game in the .hack series. (Now I need to start writing some capsules and we'll be all set.)


Tuesday, 8/5/03, 10:29 AM
Just in time for August sweeps

I've been alluding to the 27th chapter of Ki'rath being a very important one. Well, here it is. Hope you enjoy it.


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