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Sunday, 10/27/02, 2:22 PM
Farewell and Good Riddance

As of today, I am officially severing my ties with what was once known as the "NES community".

Put simply, the whole ensemble has been overrun by morons who get off on vulgar, immature, and ad hominem humor. It has reached the point that I simply no longer wish to be associated with these buffoons.

Most of this stems from an announcement made a few weeks ago in which I essentially "came out", stating that I was a furry. (For those who don't know, a furry is a person who adopts an animalistic alter-ego.)

Now, if you've been following this site for any period of time, you'll know that this has been the case for well over 3 years. Only now, I made the actual affiliation to the group. I don't behvae any differently than I did before I made this announcement; only people have an extra word to describe me.

Of course, the people on the NES board I frequent took this opportunity to somehow link me with having sexual relationships with animals, which is absolutely wrong, obscene, and slanderous. I tried to keep things in order, but the brats on the board continued their vitriol. When I finally snapped and spouted off at one of them, I lost my mod powers on the board, and since then they have had free reign.

Today, I have had enough. I have grown just as tired of them as they have of me, and I am finally granting their wish: I will no longer be posting on any other NES board, and I encourage any other NES fan who agrees with me to do the same, and let these hubs of immaturity and arrogance burn to the ground like Sodom and Gomorrah.

When I entered the community back in 1997, the NES scene was filled with intelligent, well-spoken, and creative people, who revered the NES and respected the others who enjoyed it. Over the years, though, this pocket of the web has been poisoned by the Gen-X rudeness and "Fuck the world" attitude that we as NES webmasters were fighting so hard to rebel against. Sadly, it appears, the new generation has won out, and the ideals of the old scene are now tattered shreds left behind in a neglected corner of what has now become a wasteland of crass humor, personal attacks, and outright apathy for the console.

This is not to say that I won't still play my NES. I will still do so, and I'll still write reviews, and I'll still update my Video Game Lair with the same fervor and respect for the system that I had when I started. But today, I will no longer consider myself a part of this dying community.


Saturday, 10/26/02, 9:22 PM
Rules Repository updated; WoF, WWTBAM and Weakest Link sheets among the new guys

The Rules Repository now has another 12 rulesheets, including three well-known shows: Wheel of Fortune, Weakest Link, and Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Sometimes, having a cold isn't necessarily a bad thing; thanks to calling in sick at work, I actually had time to do all this.

Notice anything different?

If not, you're colorblind. The pages are now orange in color, in celebration of the autumn months. Thank God for my handy-dandy multi-file Find and Replace program.


Thursday, 10/24/02, 5:42 PM
The polls are back in town

Ever since Beseen's webpolls shut down, I've been meaning to get my occasional polls back up and running, and I've finally don so. Head on over to the Game Show and Video Game Lairs and cast your vote!


Wednesday, 10/23/02, 3:26 PM
Loogslair Forums!

That's right - Loogslair.com now has message boards! Use the link on the left to join in on the fun, or if you're too lazy to look, just click here.


Tuesday, 10/22/02, 9:24 AM
An update! Huzzah!

Yep, I've finally gotten around to adding some content around here, in the form of a video game review. Krusty's Super Fun House has now been critiqued on the video game side.

Don't fret, game show fans, I haven't forgotten about you. That Repository update is next on the agenda. Also, keep your eye out over the next couple of days for a new part of the site...


Tuesday, 10/8/02, 5:50 PM
I'm not dead yet!

Yes, folks, I'm still alive. Here's a rundown of what's happened the last few weeks: I got in a car accident on the 17th of last month. I'm fine; my car had the front bumper scratched and the license plate holder was ripped off. If I'd left the intersection any sooner (I was turning left off the freeway in Tarzana on the way to school when someone ran a red light), though, my car would've gotten creamed.

The very next day, our computer got nailed with the mother of all malicious Java applets. It corrupted our FAT, which then corrupted every single file on our hard drive. All my E-mails, website files, and programs went poof, along with our online connection for a while. We're still working on reinstalling everything we originally had (I lost the key to HotDog, hence I had to find a new HTML editor and FTP client). I finally got everything back last Thursday.

I know this place is overdue for an update, and I'll try to get one up as soon as I can. The Rules Repository could use a few more rulesheets.

BTW: To all 'Net Pyramid players, I am declaring game 3 a wash. Keep your eyes peeled for a game 4 announcement.


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