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Friday, 11/29/02, 9:00 PM
More DDR pics and a video for youse

For once, I had one of those magical "no school, no work" days today, so I made the most of it and headed to Golf 'n' Stuff to take part in some DDR stuff. Better yet, I brought my video camera.

So here's some stuff for you, in case your interested:

  • I cemented Naoki Standard! Not only that, but I actually Full Comboed D2R - the one song that never failed to get my goat. Even better, I did it despite my right shoe coming untied just before the last song.

  • Another pic of Naoki being finished, this one with my head in the shot as proof that yes, I was the one who passed it.

  • The Naoki Standard high score board - I was astonished to find out that I'd actually made the high scores, since the machine is pretty much "0wned" by two or three people. Since I figured Gyl would promptly remove my name next time he came, I figured I'd better get it on tape.

Also, as if I don't already have enough troubles with bandwidth, here's a video clip of me attempting to pass MaxX Unlimited, arguably the hardest song on MAX2. Do I pass it? Well, you'll have to watch the video to find out. WARNING: It's 11.3 MB, so it'll take some time to load.


Friday, 11/22/02, 2:37 PM
Pat Connolly, 1936 - 2002

My uncle Pat Connolly died last night. He had slipped into a coma after having a stroke on Monday. Last year, he had been diagnosed with terminal cancer in his lungs, which later metastisized into his brain in September.

I didn't have much opportunity to get to know my uncle - the last time I saw him was when my sister got married in 1997 - but he was always a very kind man and very comforting to be around. As you can see, I am turning my front page black in mourning.

I'm gonna miss you, Uncle Pat.


Saturday, 11/16/02, 6:26 PM
Either I beat another Oni course or this is evidence of Bigfoot

Here's another DDR accomplishment I recently pulled off:

In case you can't read what the screen is saying, I've beaten my second Oni course - Naoki Standard - on the DDR MAX2 machine at CSUN. Watch out, GKSE - I'm coming after you.

And believe it or not, that was my best photo of the accomplishment. I hate APS.

Among the other things I've done in recent history: I currently own the entire Nearly 130 board at CSUN with scores ranging from 96.8% to 94.8%, I've gotten as far as 9:01 on a third Oni course (Pop 8), and I've pulled off my first full Perfect, with Young Forever. Boy, I wish I had a camera for that one.

Finally, there is only one song left on MAX2 that I have yet to pass on Heavy mode. It's Maxx Unlimited, though, so don't expect this to change, well, ever.


Sunday, 11/3/02, 4:46 PM
Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me...

On this day at 12:15 PM, Timothy Daniel Connolly was born. And the world was changed forever.

A pretty easy-going birthday today: I was off from work today, so I basically slept in and played on the computer for a while. I did get a gift certificate for a new bowling ball, though, and we're having pancakes, bacon and eggs for dinner.

We have a winner!

Congratulations to Tyler Trykowski, winner of the Loogslair.com writing contest. The final results, as well as the submitted stories, are available for reading by clicking on the link.


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