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Monday, 11/24/03, 12:11 PM
I know - I'm mean.

I left the door wide open in the last chapter of Ki'rath, but you'll find that in Chapter 41, the person behind that door may not be who you thought. Don't fret, though; all will be explained soon enough.


Thursday, 11/20/03, 11:51 AM
Now that's what I call a cliffhanger

I've now uploaded Chapter 40 for your reading pleasure. Just who is it that's waiting for Hogan at the end of the chapter? Could it be...?


Monday, 11/10/03, 11:49 AM
Two chapters for the price of one!

Just so you know, I just got done writing Chapter 42 of Ki'rath last night. Hoo boy. I don't want to spoil anything, but suffice to say that this story is going to take on a whole new dimension at that point.

Since I wouldn't want to torture you guys for too long with the suspense, I uploaded two chapters this time around. Chapter 38 and Chapter 39 are now available for reading. I may double up next week as well, but I haven't decided yet. But in any event, strap yourself in - things are about to get very interesting.


Monday, 11/3/03, 11:55 AM
A birthday update that actually means something

Today is my 25th birthday.

Normally when I post something here on my birthday, I don't really say a whole lot else. This time around though, I've made sure that this update was actually worthwhile.

First off, the next chapter of Ki'rath is now up for reading. Also, I've added a new review of Jak & Daxter. Most importantly, I've fixed the sidebar to include a direct link to Ki'rath, my DDR scorecard (now hosted by NNR), and my Caf├ępress store (in case you ever wanted to buy anything from here.)

I'll let you know what I got later.


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