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Loog's Trip to Extreme Tour Stop 2 in Orange

Here are some of the pictures I took from last Saturday's trip to the Powerhouse in Orange. You'll forgive me if I forget anyone's names, or put the wrong name with the wrong person. (Believe me, the fact that I remember anyone beyond DMN and Tsinay is a miracle.)

From left: jpmoneyisstupid, Me, Streetwalker, Duel Master Ninzaburo (top), DJ TRNX, Jon (no DDRFreak name), Tsinay Butterfly, The Game II, DJ Tyrant.

Frost Bight (one of the FS judges) mugging for the camera.

Tigger (left) and ErMaC going at it in the PA competition.

DJ TRNX (foreground) and Tigger practicing. Tigger ended up winning the PA tournament; TRNX took 3rd.

Jon (who joined me at the bottom of the standings) and Duel Master Ninzaburo playing during a break in the action.

Yours truly, consoling myself after coming fourth from last by sandbagging Air.

DJ Tyrant practicing. You can see Death (yellow shirt) in the background on the other machine. This picture brought to you by Mountain Dew.

DJ TRNX (left) going up against another opponent on Daikenkai Oni. I can get a B on Daikenkai Heavy!

MOD's First-round freestyle routine. Coolest one of all of them, IMO. (Either he was incredibly lucky to hit a song on Roulette he knew, or he whipped out some amazing improv.)

jpmoneyisstupid's freestyle routine.

The Game II freestyling in the first round.

Tsinay Butterfly's first round routine. She ended up winning the FS competition.

DJ Tyrant freestyling, looking down at just the wrong moment.

Duel Master Ninzaburo's... uh... "routine". Hey, he did come in 7th.