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Loog's Trip to Extreme Tour Stop 4 in Long Beach

They're about two weeks late, but still, here are some of the pictures I took when I went to the Extreme Tour Stop 4 DDR Tournament in Long Beach.

From left: Enigma, Me (God, I look like a dork), Duel Master Ninzaburo, Mel B, JP$.

Enigma (foreground) and DJTyrant getting in some practice.

JSB showing off on Paranoia Survivor MAX Oni.

Frost Bight's qualifying attempt.

DJ TRNX's qualifying attempt.

My qualifying attempt. Still didn't AA the song... (At least I did about 14% better than in Orange. Helps when you've actually played the song before.)

JP$ catching some quick Z's during the qualifying round.

JSB and DJ TRNX preparing for the final match. Can you feel the tension in the air? (JSB wound up winning it - TRNX had gotten tired out.)

Alvin and pen15 playing for third place.

Mel B in the foreground, along with the judges' table. From left: Frost, Layzie, Skid, JSB and Violet.

Mel B's freestyle routine.

Tsinay Butterfly's routine.

Tyler2dx's routine. I wasn't the only one using props - Tyler busted out his trumpet for Mikeneko Rock.

Duel Master Ninzaburo's own brand of freestyle.

Sgt. LTR's routine. He would later beat me by one friggin' step during PA.

DJNess getting ready for his routine.

Captain Poop - the eventual winner - performing his routine.

DJTyrant's routine.

JP$ performing. In all honesty, he was my pick to win it.

My... uh... "routine". Basically me pulling random objects (such as a camera) out of my pockets.

Don't ask me. Tyrant took this picture.

Me pointing the camera at DMN unexpectedly and telling him to smile.