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Loog's Trip to the Extreme Tour Stop Finals in Orange

With digital camera in tow, here are some snapshots of the proceedings from yesterday's DDR Extreme competition.

From left: The Game II, Nick, JP Money, Mel B (seated), two girls whose names I forget, Inzuma, Sgt. LTR, Duel Master Ninzaburo, some guy whose name I didn't catch, XXXPlicit, Gangsta Ham Ham, myself. Brought to you by Panasonic.

A cake brought by DMN to commemorate the day. Most of it wound up on DMN's face later on.

Panasonic was advertising... something. (Probably DVD burners.) So they enlisted some people to do karaoke. Here's JP Money (visible to the left of the Panasonic guy's head), DJ Ness, pen15, another dude, and MOD performing Witch Doctor. Ooh, ee, ooh-ah-ah...

DMN and I trying our hand at Jaded by Aerosmith. Yes, I do have the DVD. I'll try to post a video of it, if my PS2 will play the whole thing without skipping. (Or maybe it's trying to tell us something...)

Various PA qualifying attempts:

Frost Bight

Duel Master Ninzaburo




DDRBot. Yes, that's a kid. And he did better than me. I'm secure enough to admit that.

Various Freestyle routines:

Duel Master Ninzaburo (Wildcard). Near the end of the song, he went over to the cake and did a faceplant. Wish I had a pic of that one.

Gangsta Ham Ham (Wildcard)

Inzuma (Finals)

The Game II (Finals). He was your eventual champion.

Captain Poop (Argh! Red eye!).

Me (The Reflex liek whut!)

Your PA Final Eight:

Addricted (foreground) & Alvin

DJ TRNX (fore) & ShortyNC

JSB (fore) & Hellknight. JSB was, of course, the eventual winner of it all.

FOB Alex (fore) & pen15.

Other stuff:

Karma's a bitch. After beating me by 1 Miss in the qualifying round last month, Sgt. LTR tastes the same fate against another opponent.

JSB attempting Legend Road. He came less than five seconds away from clearing it.

DMN getting revenge on me from my surprise picture last month. That blue stuff on my face is cake frosting. That stuff was like war paint to us for some reason.

PA legend Fox made an appearance. And I finally got a picture of him that didn't look like it was taken by Zapruder.

Near the end of competition, pen15 gave us the only AAA of the day, on My Summer Love.

And last but not least, here's Pimp Willy, the man who put this whole thing together. I have a feeling he never wants to see another DDR machine in his life.