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One of these six players could win over one million dollars, but in order to do it, they'll have to stay ahead of...


OBJECTIVE: Six players compete in a Q&A game, trying to keep their score ahead of "The Pace".


In the first round, the players are asked a total of 15 questions. The first ten are worth 5 points apiece; the last five are worth ten. If a player buzzes in and answers incorrectly, s/he is out of the next question. Also, a player cannot score over 25 in this round (once a player's score reaches 25, s/he has to sit out the rest of the round).

At the end of each round, "The Pace" increases. The Pace is an artificial benchmark that the players must stay ahead of at all times. If at any point a player's score falls behind the Pace, s/he is eliminated. At the end of Round 1, the Pace goes up to 10 points.


In the second round, each player still in the game is given up to two questions. Each question is worth 10 points if the contestant decides to play the question alone, but 25 points if the player decides to make it a toss-up question. If an opponent attempts to steal the points and answers incorrectly, the person originally in control of the question gets the points. At least one question must be kept for each player. At the end of the round, the Pace goes up to 30 points.


In the third round, the players remaining take part in a sudden-death round. Again, all questions are toss-ups. The first question is worth 1 point, the second is worth 2 points, the third is worth 3, and so on. Upon each correct answer, the Pace increases by that same amount. (If a wrong answer is given or if it's a deadball, the Pace doesn't go up.) Again, when a player's score falls below the Pace, s/he is eliminated. The last remaining player wins $10,000 and goes on to the bonus round.


The player is spotted 10 points. In this round, the Pace will go up 1 point for each second that elapses in the first 90 seconds, and 2 points a second for the last minute. The object is to reach 210 points before the Pace does. For each turn, three point values are given (say, 7, 12, and 23), each attached to a question of appropriate difficulty. The more points the player scores in each turn, the faster s/he will reach his goal. If the player can reach 210 points in under 90 seconds, s/he wins $200,000; in under 2 minutes, $100,000, in under 2:30, $50,000. Otherwise, s/he score $100 for every point in his/her score before falling behind the Pace.

Champions play for a maximum of 5 days; winning the bonus round in under 90 seconds all five times will earn the plaer a total of $1,050,000. (Incidentally, the game can be played with lower payouts - just divide the money amounts by 10.)


The first round has a ceiling of 25 points, preventing anyone from running away from the competition (which is important, considering there's a finite number of questions in the round and if one player did dominate, the game would end in the first round). The second round provides an interesting risk - go for the safe amount, or tempt your opponents with a higher one? The third round serves for some fast-paced elimination excitement, and I love the concept of literally "racing" the clock.


The bonus round might be a little convoluted. We'll need a good question-reader for the show, considering that the time spent reading the questions counts against the player.


    In its original form, the concept was a lot drier. I've managed to spice it up a bit more now.


    Not a bad prime-time entry (although I'm afraid I'm too late for that).

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