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It's time to panic! From Loogaroo Studios, six kids are about to play the most fast-paced game show on TV -


OBJECTIVE: Six kids play a game of brains, brawn and speed..


In the first round, the six players stand around the stage (which is a theater in the round, with a 30' radius), and each of them race to perform a stunt, the focal point of which is the center of the stage. The order in which the players finish will be used in the second round.


Each of the players are ranked #1 to #6. To start each rotation, the #5 and #6 players are asked a toss-up question. The player who buzzes in with the correct answer either gets or keeps the #5 ranking and faces the #4 player in the same fashion. This process continues up to the #1 player, at which point the #5 and #6 players square off again. 3 or 4 go-rounds will take place, depending on how much time is available. (Each go-round must end with a #2-#1 showdown.)

There is a catch, however. In the center of the stage is a "Panic Button". If a lower-ranked player knows the answer to a question, s/he can make a dash for the Panic Button, and if the player answers correctly, s/he gets the higher position and everyone else moves down a spot. However, there is a risk: if a player gets caught panicking by one of the two players originally involved in the showdown, or if the player panicks and answers incorrectly, then s/he moves to the #6 spot or, if the player was already at #6, the next go-round skips over the #6 position.*

At the end of the round, the top two ranked players advance to the next round.

* - If a lower-ranked player attempts to hit the Panic Button, is beaten to the buzzer by one of the players involved in the showdown, but that player answers wrong, the player who went for the Panic Button is allowed a free guess without penalty. This is to avoid players buzzing in simply to prevent someone from panicking.

ROUND 3 - The "Face to Face Fake-Out"

The two remaining players now stand at center stage. A category is read (Months of the Year, Presidents of the 19th century, etc.), and the host reads a list of items. If a player believes an item fits into the category, s/he runs back to his/her podium and hits his/her buzzer. The first player to reach the podium either scores a point for a correct answer, or gives a point to his/her opponent if the item didn't belong. A player can try to fake out his/her opponent by making a bluff move at his/her podium, but once a player leaves his/her mark, s/he must buzz in. The first to five points wins the game and goes to the bonus round. The player who was ranked #1 gets a 1-point headstart.

BONUS ROUND - The "Panic Attack"

The winning player now starts at his/her podium. A maximum of 6 multiple-choice questions are asked, each choice represented by one of the other five podiums. The player runs to the podium s/he believes has the right answer and hits the button there. If correct, the next question is asked; if not, s/he must go to another podium until the right answer is found. This process continues for 75 seconds. The first three right answers earn $100 each, the next three win prizes.


Very much improved over my last format for this show. A lot more moving around, and now there actually is a "Panic Button" instead of it being "Panic/Button". The second round is the major part of the game, with a lot of good strategy and skill coming into play, especially when you're #1 or #2. Do you buzz in now and protect/take hold of the #1 spot, or wait for another player to pounce and send them to the back of the line?


The Panic Button gimmick still isn't too strong. I can't come up with any good stunts for the first round.


    If I can throw a little more gimmick into this thing, it'll really serve to its benefit.

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