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Lifespan: October 1981 - April 1982, April 1983 - July 1983
Host: Alex Trebek
Announcer: Rod Roddy, Charlie Tuna
Produced by: Merrill Heatter Productions

Front Game Rules

Looks like two stars have been captured!Two players compete, aided by six celebrities. Each celebrity is enclosed in a triangle, the vertices of which are represented with lights. The object of the game is to "capture" stars by putting out all three lights around him/her. When the third light goes out, the player captures that star.

Tom Wopat ponders a questionTo put out a light, the contestant randomly selects which light to play. The celebrity whose light was chosen is then asked a question (If the light is the corner of more than one celeb's star, the player can choose who will get the question.) The celebrity is then shown two choices, one of which is right. (The contestant doesn't see the choices). After an answer is given, the contestant can then either agree or disagree. A correct judgement allows you to continue, while a wrong judgement passes control to your opponent. The light stays out unless it would capture a star. The first contestant to capture three stars wins $500 and advances to the end game.

End Game

Vicki Lawrence tries to help out the champIn the end game, the contestant uses the three stars s/he captured in the front game. A celebrity is asked a question with three choices. After an answer is given, the contestant can agree or disagree. The catch is, if the player disagrees, s/he must give the correct answer instead. Getting three answers right won a prize package.

Loogaroo Looks it Over

Not the best game the folks at Merrill-Heatter have come up with. The problem is that it tries to be a legitimate trivia game, rather than a celebrity yuk-fest, only the celebrities would rather be funny than serious. Alex Trebek looks ill at ease behind the podium; celebrity games never were his forte. In the end, the only really memorable elements about the show were its nifty set and sound effects, hence the high Presentation score but floundering marks elsewhere.

The New Battlestars

Gameplay: 1 pts.
Host: 2 pts.
Presentation: 2 pt.
Execution: 1 pt.
Total Score: 6 pts.

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