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Lifespan: December 1974 - July 1975
Host: Jim Peck
Announcers: Dan Daniels
Produced by: Ron Greenberg, Don Lipp

Front Game Rules

The computer card-spinner-thingy Two players compete, each partnered with a celebrity. Positioned to host Cullen's side is a wheel sporting 100 computer punch cards, 25 for each competitor. As the wheel rotates, Cullen draws a card and inserts it into a slot in his podium, which then selects one of the players and a point value. That player selects one of six half-sentences, which act as clues to the identity of a person, place or thing. The puzzle board - forgive the blurriness
Bill has just score 410 points When someone gets the identity correct, that player then has the opportunity to transfer those points into dollars by solving a "Blankety Blank:. A Blankety Blank is a statement with the last few words missing, often forming a pun when solved. (Ex: When Barbie and Ken got married, they moved to the ___ ___ ___ ___. Answer: VALLEY OF THE DOLLS) If the player was unable to solve the Blankety Blank, the points were held over in case they got another try. Each solved Blankety Blank also gave a strike to that player's opponent; three strikes eliminated a player. The plumber hired the chimpanzee to be his helper, because the chimp knew how to handle a ___ ___. (Answer below)

Loogaroo Looks it Over

Curt Alliaume put it best: If you're going to have a show with comedy material, you've gotta use comedy writers. That's what helped make Match Game such a magical show back in the '70s, and it's one of the reasons why this show is such a bore. The puns just aren't funny. Moreover, the idea of computer cards determining who gets control was kinda silly, and seemed to be there just to be there. Bill Cullen lightens up the... um... "festivities" as much as he can, but he's really the only bright spot in this show.

Blankety Blanks

Gameplay: 0 pts.
Host: 3 pts.
Presentation: 1 pt.
Execution: 1 pt.
Total Score: 5 pts.

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The plumber hired the chimpanzee to be his helper, because the chimp knew how to handle a MONKEY WRENCH.