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Lifespan: June 1984 - January 1986
Hosts: Tom Kennedy
Announcers: Johnny Olson
Produced by: Mark Goodson Productions

Front Game Rules

Betty White pantomimes 'Pony Express' for her partnerCan you solve the puzzle? Answer below.Two teams of one celeb and one civvie compete. In each round, one member of the team has 60 seconds to pantomime up to 5 words to their partner. Those words are then placed into a word puzzle, and the player who guessed the words tried to solve the puzzle. If unsuccessful, the other team could steal the puzzle. The first two puzzles were $100 each, and the next two were $250 each. The first team to reach $500 won the game and advanced to the bonus round.

End Game

The End Game, stage 1The End Game, stage 2In the first part of the end game, the celebrity tried to pantomime up to 10 words in 60 seconds. Each word was worth $100, and would determine the prize for the second part of the round. In the second part, the team had to get 3 words in under 20 seconds. If successful, the player wins 10 times his/her performance in the first part of the endgame (So $400 becomes $4,000, $800 is $8,000, etc.)

Loogaroo Looks it Over

Charades has quite a pedigree when it comes to game shows. You really can't go wrong as long as you keep the focus on the pantomiming. Body Language adds a unique twist to the game with the word puzzles. My only gripe with the show is that the $100 rounds have no impact on the game. Whether you win them both or lose them both, you couldn't reach $500 anyway. The dual-stage bonus round works quite well because it's done in a simple matter. And Tom Kennedy's hosting job is impeccable. You want a great game show? Use charades!

Body Language

Gameplay: 2 pts.
Host: 3 pts.
Presentation: 2 pts.
Execution: 2 pts.
Total Score: 9 pts.

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