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Lifespan: September 1982 - September 1983
Hosts: Bill Cullen
Announcer: Gene Wood, Bob Hilton, Johnny Gilbert
Produced by: Mark Goodson Productions

Front Game Rules

Could you guess what this kid is talking about?Two players competed. One player was shown a taped description of a word or name by a young child, and tried to guess what the kid was describing. If correct, the player won a point. If not, the second player was shown a second video of another child describing the same thing and had the opportunity to guess. A maximum of three descriptions were used for each word (the third of which was usually a giveaway).

The players compete in a round of Fast PlayThe second round was called "Fast Play." In this round, both players were shown the description and they buzzed in once they recognized the item that was being described. A right answer won 2 points, a wrong answer allowed your opponent to watch the rest of the clip. The player with the most points when time ran out won $500 and went on to the bonus round.

End Game Rules

What do you think this kid's describing?There were two different endgames during the show's run. In the first endgame called "Triple Play", a player tried to identify 6 items in 45 seconds, based on the written descriptions of three children. Each right answer won $250, getting all 5 won $5000.

Our champion plays the Turnabout bonus gameThe second endgame was called "Turnabout," because it reversed the roles of the player and the children. Five kids now stood up on the stage. The contestant had a total of 45 seconds to describe seven words in a way that one of the children would be able to identify it. The contestant had to go down the line, giving the next word to the next kid in line, then back to the first for word #6. The contestant got $100 for every word s/he could get the kids to say, and $5000 if s/he could convey all seven words. Meanwhile, the kids split $100 for every word they guessed, and split $1000 if they got all 7.

Loogaroo Looks it Over

A pretty boring game if you ask me. It felt as if Goodson was trying to make a game show that was lighter on the game and heavier on the comedy, especially since Cullen would show other descriptions of a word even if the contestant guessed right. Only when the Fast Play round was going on did the maingame have any measure of excitement to it. The endgames worked fairly well, however the original version was a bit too easy (which is probably why they changed it), and of course being a Pyramid fan I liked the Turnabout endgame. (One question: It was basically the same thing as Pyramid, so why didn't Bob Stewart sue? Was it because both CP and The $25K Pyramid were both on the same channel?)

Child's Play

Gameplay: 1 pt.
Host: 3 pts.
Presentation: 1 pt.
Execution: 2 pts.
Total Score: 7 pts.

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