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Lifespan: September 1997 - August 1999
Hosts: Ryan Seacrest
Announcer: Amber Bonasso
Produced by: Merv Griffin Productions

Front Game Rules

A shot of the motherboardThree teams of two members competed. In the first round, each team had 60 seconds to score as much money as possible by using a life-size computer and mouse to randomly select the category and dollar value (which was either $25 or $50 in this round), and then running to the appropriate station and answering a question.

Let's head to the Word Wizard!Some questions required you to go either the "Web Site," where you could receive E-mails (identify who wrote the message), Click Pix (questions regarding a photo) or Sound Bytes (Q's with audio). There was also the "Word Wizard," whose questions ranged from Spellcheck (identify the misspelled word in the sentence), Dictionary (which is the correct spelling), or Thesaurus (which word has a certain definition). In the first round, there was also the "Double Click," in which one question could double their score.
Oh no, they hit a Virus!In the second round, a team stayed in control until they gave a wrong answer or they clicked on the "Virus." In either situation, a question was given to the other two teams; the one that buzzed in with the right answer took control. Otherwise, the team at the computer stayed there. Dollar values were $50-$75.
Switch! Switch! Switch!In the third round, host Ryan Seacrest took control of the mouse, while each team split up. One player from each team went to either the Motherboard, Web Site, or Word Wizard while the other teammate stayed at the podiums. When Seacrest clicked a question, the player at that station got the first crack at it. If s/he missed, it would go to the podiums. Each question was worth $100. After the teammates switched from the podiums to the stations and vice versa 3 times, whoever has the most money is the winner.

Front Game Rules (Second season)

A shot of the second season setA number of changes were made for the show's second season. First of all, there was no more Motherboard; players had to run to the "Hard Drive" for general knowledge questions. The Word Wizard and Web Site remained (although the Web Site was rarely mentioned).

The changes to the first round were that one player stayed at the mouse while the other player did the running around. If the runner missed the question, the clicker could answer it. Minimal changes were made to the second round; all that was done was the Virus was renamed to the "Crash." In the third round, possibly to promote fairness, Seacrest turned his back to the screen when he clicked.

End Game Rules (Both seasons)

A team celebrates their bonus round winIn the endgame, the players tried to answer 3 questions to win a pair of laptop computers. As usual, the team clicked a question, went to the appropriate spot, and answered the question. 3 right in 45 seconds won the computers. In the second season, the end game was tweaked so that each right answer won $100, and the computers were awarded if the team got three right answers in a row.

Loogaroo Looks it Over

Not too shabby. Certainly the best kids' game show in terms of being centered on intelligence as opposed to sillness. Ryan Seacrest was a remarkable host for his first time out; he really seemed to click (pardon the pun) with the contestants instead of putting on some phony hip-dude attitude. One problem? The bonus rounds were too heavy on the running and too light on the questions. Out of the 45 seconds, 30 of it was usually spent getting either to the required place or back to the mouse. Hence, the most number of questions most teams got asked was 3 or 4. If you need three to win, you don't have much leway. Also, for some reason, I think the budget got cut in the second season; the set wasn't as high-tech (although I liked the audience pits) and they didn't have team uniforms anymore.


Gameplay: 2 pt.
Host: 3 pts.
Presentation: 2 pts. (1 pt. in second season)
Execution: 2 pts.
Total Score: 9 pts.

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