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Lifespan: August 1986 - December 1986
Host: Henry Polic II
Announcer: Bob Hilton, Johnny Gilbert
Produced by: Bob Stewart/BASADA Productions

Front Game Rules

Could you solve this phrase? Answer below.Two teams of one celebrity and one civilian competed. In each round, one team was shown a set of up to four Phrases which were "Double Talk" for some well known phrase. For instance, "The Bust/of Freedom" is Double Talk for "The Statue of Liberty," or "A deux-wheeler/Designed for a duet" is Double Talk for "A bicycle/Built for two." After the host read the Double Talk version, the team would try to translate it, with the celebrity reading the first part and the contestant reading the other half.

The Double Talk boardIn the first two rounds, each right answer won 10 points, rounds 3 and 4 were 20 points each. If a team missed a phrase, the other team could score 5 points and end the round by giving the correct answer. When a team managed to answer all four phrases, they were eligible to try a Jackpot Double Talk which started at $1000 and went up by $1000 each day it wasn't won. After four rounds, the team with the highest score won the game and went on to the endgame.

End Game

Betty White helps her partner spell 'OUBLE TALK'The object of the endgame was for the celebrity to get his/her partner to guess a set of acronyms by reading an incomplete statement. For instance, the clue for C.T.S. might be "Mom always told you to look both ways before you..." Answer: Cross The Street. The team was given 60 seconds to get 9 phrases and hence spell "OUBLE TALK" (The D was given at the start). Each right answer won $100, getting all 9 won $10,000.

Much in the same vein as Pyramid (no surprise, as both shows were produced by Bob Stewart), Both players played for the whole show, switching celebrities after the first game. The one who picked up the most cash at the end of the day came back the next day.

Loogaroo Looks it Over

Ugh. How inane can you get? The concept had been tried before (unsuccessfully) as Shoot for the Stars back in the '70s; what made them think it was going to work now? The endgame was far too easy to win (which makes me think why they couldn't have added the extra D at the start), and Henry Polic II is among the most inept hosts I've seen. (There are some who are worse, but not many.) In short, the gameplay isn't strong enough, the host doesn't carry the show, and as a result the concept is "A frivolity/of minutes," which is Double Talk for...

Double Talk

Gameplay: 1 pt.
Host: 0 pts.
Presentation: 1 pt.
Execution: 2 pts.
Total Score: 4 pts.

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