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Lifespan: January 1975 - September 1975
Host: Bob Eubanks
Assistant: Jane Nelson
Announcers: Jim Thompson
Produced by: Fishman-Freer Productions

Front Game Rules

The first round, complete with hideous podiumsIn the first round of play, a total of four matches took place between two players, all selected from the audience from one of four "islands." Eubanks read a question, and players buzzed in as soon as they thought they knew it. A right answer won a point, a wrong answer gave the point to the other player. The first player to reach 2 points won the game, received a small prize, and advanced to the second round.

Could you memorize this list?In the second round, all four winners stood at the bottom of a small set of steps. The players were read a list of twelve items that fit in a particular category, and then each player had to recall an item from the list one at a time. Play continued until one player repeated an answer or was stumped. That player was eliminated and the remaining players moved up to the next step. The three survivors from the first list received $50 each, the two winners after the next list got another $100, and the last player left advanced to the "Money Volcano."

End Game

Into the Money Volcano you go!The champion stood inside the "Money Volcano," which was basically a one-person wind tunnel. Inside the Volcano were various slips of paper describing prizes, cash, or $1 bills. After the Volcano was turned on, the player had 15 seconds to grab as many bills as possible and put them into their pouch (only bills in the air counted). After time ran out, Eubanks took the pouch and drew bills out one at a time, describing their contents to the player, up to a maximum of 10 bills. The player could stop and take all that was drawn up to that point, because if Eubanks drew a $1 bill, all the winnings from the Volcano went up in smoke (sorry, couldn't resist). Occasionally, Eubanks would offer a prize in exchange for one of the bills.


The Diamond Head Game remains the only game show to be shot in Hawaii.

Loogaroo Looks it Over

God, how hokey can you get? Like Chance of a Lifetime's main selling point was the $1M prize, Diamond Head's main vehicle was its location. Apart from that, there's very little going on. The Money Volcano seems more suitable in a kids' show, the recollection of lists was kinda silly (why couldn't they come up with their own items?), and those podiums for the first round were hideous. A cute idea on paper, but this show doesn't do much for me.

The Diamond Head Game

Gameplay: 1 pt.
Host: 2 pts.
Presentation: 1 pt.
Execution: 1 pt.
Total Score: 5 pts.

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