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Lifespan: April 1978 - June 1978
Host: Bill Cullen
Announcer: Bob Clayton
Produced by: Bob Stewart Productions

Front Game Rules

Our players are ready to go Four players competed. Host Cullen would give the players a subject (For example, "Name something you might find in an Indian's tepee"). The players would, one at a time, give items that fit the subject, adding $25 to the "bank" with each answer. (The bank started at $100.) Play would continue until one player repeated an answer, stalled, or gave an inappropriate answer. When that occurred, the next player could knock him/her out of the round by giving a valid answer; if the next contestant couldn't do so, s/he was also in danger. If none of the players could give an answer, it was a standoff and a new subject was played. The game continued until one player was left; s/he won the money in the bank and went to the bonus round. Stumped contestants get sent to 'The Bullpen'

End Game Rules

Can he name the hidden romantic gift? In the bonus round, the contestant was given a subject, and had 15 seconds to come up with as many items as they could in order to match predetermined answers on the board. Getting all the answers in one row won the $5000, but if the player could uncover at least one answer, s/he could continue to the next subject. The first category had four hidden answers, the second had three, then two, then one.

If the contestant won the $5000, s/he continued to play against three new challengers. If unsuccessful, the player received $100 for each answer s/he did uncover, and all four players returned.

Loogaroo Looks it Over

Why this show would run at the same time as The $20,000 Pyramid - a show with a similar format and better presentation - is beyond me. The gameplay itself wasn't anything to scream about; the naming items that fit a certain subject wasn't exactly original, although I liked the idea of all four players staying until somebody won the money. The set lacks any vibrance, though, and the camera angles used upon a bonus win were really annoying. Of course, Bill Cullen's presence makes every show better.

Pass the Buck

Gameplay: 2 pts.
Host: 3 pts.
Presentation: 1 pt.
Execution: 1 pt.
Total Score: 7 pts.

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