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Lifespan: September 1997 - September 1999
Host: Nick Spano
Announcer: Valerie Miller
Produced by: Wheeler-Sussman Productions

Front Game Rules

The contestants stand on the game board Three kids competed. The object of the game was to make it across a makeshift board game, by answering questions and performing stunts. On each turn, the players could be given one of the following tasks: "Decision", where the player had to guess how the audience (called the 'Peer Group') answered a Yes/No dilemma (i.e. "Your friend is going on a date, but her outfit is horrible. Do you tell her?"); "Odd Job", where the player performed a stunt to move down the board; "Temptation", where the contestant was offered a prize to move two steps backward, or pass it up and move two steps forward; and "Fast Track", another, more difficult stunt, but worth a larger move. After each player has a go, a "Pop Quiz" question was asked. The contestants have to run to one of two buzzers on the set to guess the question. A right answer allowed the player to move three steps forward; a wrong answer meant 3 steps back. At the end of the round, the player who had made the least progress was out of the game. The 'Peer Group' gives their answer to a dilemma
In the second round (the "Pressure Cooker" round), both players stood with their backs to the audience, each of them trying to guess how their side of the audience answered a Yes/No question. The first player to correctly predict the outcomes of three questions won the game. Our two finalists take part in the 'Pressure Cooker' round

Loogaroo Looks it Over

Bar none, the worst game show that has ever been produced. The dilemmas are vapid ("You're in line in the cafeteria when the person in front of you drops a $5 bill. He doesn't know he dropped it and nobody saw you pick it up. Do you keep it?"), the contestants are shallower than a Dixie Cup (the contestant answered "Yes" to the above dilemma), the music is the same four measures over and over again, the set seems to be created by spilling paint cans on the floor, and Nick Spano is the absolute worst host I've ever seen. The show's one saving grace is its "Temptation" game, and even that was ripped off of another show.

Peer Pressure

Gameplay: 1 pt.
Host: 0 pts.
Presentation: 0 pts.
Execution: 0 pts.
Total Score: 1 pt.

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