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Lifespan: January 1980 - September 1980
Host: Geoff Edwards
Announcer: Jay Stewart, Bob Hilton
Produced by: Barry-Enright Productions

Front Game Rules

A woman locks in her guess Two married couples compete. A general-knowledge question is posed to one member of each team, which was posed to a group of 300 people. Both players locked in their guess as to the percentage of people who got the question right. The player who came closest to the actual percentage scored that percentage as points. The remaining points (representing the percent that missed the question) could then be claimed by either answering the question, or successfully challenging the other team. The first team to score 300 points won $300 and advanced to the bonus round. If a couple managed nail the percentage exactly, they won the game automatically and got a jackpot that starts at $20,000 and increased by $1000 each day it wasn't won. 53% of the polling group got the question right

End Game Rules

Don't hit the zero! The winning couple was now read a series of questions, again posed to a sampling group. Each question had three choices: The right answer, a wrong answer given by the group, and a wrong answer given by nobody. Each question, the couple chose one answer. If the couple chose an answer that was given by someone, they would score that percentage as points. After each question, the player could stop and take $10 per point, or continue on with the next one. Scoring 100 points won $2500, picking an answer that wasn't given lost everything.

Loogaroo Looks it Over

Unfortunately, this show was doing the Format Mambo during its seven months on air. It's a shame, since the original maingame wasn't half-bad, although certainly derivative of Card Sharks, which was on the air at the time. Of course, the endgame showed no inspiration (hardly a surprise, though) and the payoffs outside the mega-jackpot for nailing a percentage were a little dinky. Geoff Edwards does a fairly good job with what he was given; it's too bad he never got a show that really took off.

Play the Percentages

Gameplay: 1 pt.
Host: 2 pts.
Presentation: 2 pts.
Execution: 0 pt.
Total Score: 5 pts.

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