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Lifespan: February 1990 - August 1990
Host: Louise Duart
Announcer: Burton Richardson
Produced by: Jay Wolpert Productions

Front Game Rules

Two players look at the target wordCan she say 'British' in time?Three players competed. For the first round, each contestant was given the name of a celebrity. Seven words associated with the celebrity were hidden behind the player. The contestant picked a number from 1 to 7, and had 15 seconds to describe the celebrity, hopefully saying the word selected. If successful, the player won 100-250 points, depending on the difficulty of the word; if not, s/he got 5 points for every word on the list s/he did say. Before each turn, the other two players looked at the word and predicted if the player would say the word or not. If correct, they earned 50 points.

Which movie(s) did Marlon Brando win an Oscar for? Answer below.The second round was a 7-minute quiz on celebrity facts. Beginning with the first place player from the last round, host Duart read a statement about a celebrity, and the contestant guessed whether it was a fact or an "empty rumor". Each correct answer was worth 100 points. Upon a wrong answer, control passed to the player in second place, then to the third-place player. At the end of the round, whoever had the most points won the game and $500.

The winner then had a chance to up the stakes in the bonus round. The player was read a question, and had to decide if the statement pertained to one of two celebrities, or both of them. 5 questions were asked, each one adding $200 to the possible cash prize.

End Game Rules

Who is he gossiping about?The contestant now had 60 seconds to get past the four stores and bank of Rodeo Drive. In front of each store, a model began talking about a celebrity. When the contestant identified the celebrity in question, s/he won a prize and advanced to the next store. If the player managed to guess five celebrities correctly, s/he won all four prizes and the money in the Bank (which starts at $1000 plus whatever was added in the last round).

Loogaroo Looks it Over

Ah yes, weird uncle Jay. Seems like few of his shows ever really go anywhere, and this is another example of a show with a lot of creativity but not a lot of success to show for it. The maingame has a couple flaws; Talkabout beat this show to the punch in the fast-talking part of the game, and the fact/rumor round went far too long, especially considering how the players missed about 75% of the statements (or was it just my episode?). Louise Duart really pulls for the contestants, but her impressions are a bit hammy. I liked the set, though, and you could take home a decent haul for winning the bonus round.

Rodeo Drive

Gameplay: 1 pt.
Host: 2 pts.
Presentation: 2 pts.
Execution: 2 pts.
Total Score: 7 pts.

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Answer: Both