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Lifespan: September 2000 - August 2001
Host: JD Roth and Jennifer Cole
Produced by: Howard Schultz

Front Game Rules

The men play 'Land Mine'Three men competed against three women. The first round is called "Land Mine". Each side is asked two questions, each with four choices. Three of them are correct answers to the question, but one of them is the "Land Mine". One by one, each team member chooses one answer. If it's a right answer, the team scores 5 points, and a bonus 5 points are awarded for finding all three right answers. If the Land Mine is hit, though, the other side get 5 points for every right answer remaining.

The women try to name the top 10 brands of men's sunglassesThe second round is known as "The List". On the show's website, a series of surveys were asked to both sexes. Each side is given a category (Ex. The top 10 kinds of donuts for men, the top 10 things women notice about men), and each side bids on how many answers they can name from the list. The bidding goes back and forth until one side bids the maximum or challenges the other side. Each right answer named adds 10 points to the value of the question, but a wrong answer knocks that player out. When one side is knocked out, the other side can steal the points with a right answer.

Here's the next survey...In the third round, a series of questions are posed to both teams, and the players try to buzz in and guess whether the statement applies to men or women. (Ex. "Who's more likely to return a Christmas present - men or women?") If correct, the team scores 10 points, but if wrong, the points go to the other side. The last question of the round is worth 25 points.

Can the men guess what a dust ruffle is? (They did!)In the fourth and final round, each team must wager at least half their score on one more question, which their opponents get to choose the subject of. If correct, the wager is added to the team's score; if not, it's taken away. The team with the most points at the end of the round wins $10 for each point scored.

Loogaroo Looks it Over

C'mon, guys, couldn't you have shown at least SOME imagination in the gameplay? Every part of this game is a take-off on another show: Round 1 swipes elements from Trivia Trap, Round 2 is a carbon copy of Family Feud, Round 3 is your standard either/or toss-up round, and Round 4 is the traditional wagering portion of the game. JD Roth and Jennifer Cole do a surprisingly satisfactory hosting job (Roth moreso than Cole), though, and the set is kinda cool. The flaws in the payoff structure become apparent when a team wins by virtue of both teams answering wrong, and ending the game with 5 points, meaning the winners split a whole fifty bucks. Now that's entertainment.

Sex Wars

Gameplay: 0 pts.
Host: 2 pts.
Presentation: 2 pts.
Execution: 0 pts.
Total Score: 4 pts.

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