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Lifespan: June 1994 - October 1995
Host: Ron Maestri
Produced by: Stone-Stanley Productions

Front Game Rules

A typical first-round board

Three players competed. In the first round, there were a total of five sets of three questions, each set using four possible words or phrases as their answer. For instance, one possible set of answers could be:

Go To Jail - Monopoly - Pass GO - Chance

Players could buzz in at any point during the reading of the questions, but were forewarned - the questions are read in a stop-and-go fashion to throw players off the scent of the correct answer. (For example, one of the questions for this set may be "If you draw the wrong card... you'll be whisked away... without being able to do this." The correct answer is Pass GO, but if you buzz in early you might say Chance or Go To Jail instead.) Each right answer earns 25 points, and there is no penalty for a wrong answer.

In the second round, the format changes a little. Now, there are five possible answer choices, and once a choice represents the right answer it's replaced with another term. Each right answer is worth 50 points, but a wrong answer loses 50. The fifth choice at the start is labeled "Quicksilver", and is used as a none-of-the-above choice for the other four answers. If correct, it's worth 50 points, a bonus prize, and a follow-up question that the contestant can wager part of their score on.

A typical second-round board with the Quicksilver answer
Ron Maestri explains the rules to the third round

The third round is played in two halves. To start, the players are asked eight questions, each worth 75 points (-75 if wrong) and the correct answers appear on the board for the second half. In the second half of the round, the possible choices are the answers given in the first half, questions are worth +/- 100 points, and two Quicksilver answers are possible. At the end of the round, whoever has the most points wins the game and gets a prize.

End Game Rules

The bonus round is a 45-seconds speed quiz. 15 possible terms of a particular category are shown, and host Maestri gives a pun-like clue to one of them. Each answer identified is worth $50; getting 10 answers right also wins a vacation.

Today's bonus round category is 'Little to Nothing' - kinda like the budget

Loogaroo Looks it Over


Gameplay: 2 pts.
OK, I know I'm going to get crucified for saying this, but I really enjoyed the trickery involved in the questions. I just don't think it was enough to base an entire show on that one vehicle.
Host: 1 pt.
Ron Maestri wasn't dealt a very good hand here, but hey - you gotta admire the guy's courage.
Presentation: 0 pts.
Watch an episode and you'll see why.
Execution: 0 pts.
Watch an episode and you'll see why.
Total Score: 3 pts.

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