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Lifespan: September 1989 - March 1990
Host: Wayne Cox
Announcer: Dean Hill
Produced by: Comedia Productions

Front Game Rules

A team member talks about Paris Two teams of two competed. In each round, one team wore headphones while the other team tried to name keywords from one of two subjects. Each team member had 20 seconds to talk about the subject as much as they could. Ten keywords were hidden on the board; each keyword that was said added 1 point to the value of the category. After both players had their say, the other team returned and tried to guess the subject, with the unspoken words being given as clues. If they could guess the subject, they got the points; otherwise, it went to the speaking team. The first team to score 15 points won the game and advanced to the bonus round.

In the event that the speaking team could name all 10 keywords between them, they got 10 points automatically and picked up a $500 bonus.

Will they be able to guess the subject?

End Game Rules

One of the teammates enters the isolaiton booth After choosing one of two subjects to talk about, one member of the team was put in isolation, while the other had 20 seconds to get as many keywords as possible. Each keyword that was named added $100 to the pot and added 1 second to the amount of time the other person would have to name a word that wasn't given the first time around. After the first player got his/her turn, s/he could either take the money earned up to that point or gamble it for the other teammate. If the second team member could say a word not given by the first player, they doubled their money and won a prize; otherwise, the money was lost.


Talkabout was taped in Vancouver, Canada.

Loogaroo Looks it Over

You know what? This show wasn't half-bad. I mean, sure, the prizes seemed to come from the bargain basement and host Wayne Cox was a little stiff, but the game itself was extremely fun to watch and play along with. The set managed to disguise its cheapness with some nice cosmetic touches like the chasing lights along the top and the isolation booth built into the middle of the set, and the theme music was innocuous enough.

Talk About

Gameplay: 3 pts.
Host: 2 pts.
Presentation: 2 pts.
Execution: 0 pts.
Total Score: 7 pts.

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