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Lifespan: August 1971 - June 1974
Host: Bill Cullen
Announcers: Don Pardo, Bob Clayton, Roger Tuttle, Wayne Howell
Produced by: Bob Stewart

Front Game Rules

The players bid on the next roundThree players competed. In each round, three categories were offered to the players, one of which usually was a general knowledge category. Each player then locked in the number of questions they wanted to try for, from 1 to 4. The player who made the single highest bid won control of the round (tying players canceled themselves out). That player chose one of the categories and answered the appropriate number of questions. All questions were true/false.

If the player managed to complete his/her bid, s/he won $10 for each question bid by all three players (a maximum of $110). If a wrong answer was given, the next highest bid tried for his/her contract with one of the remaining two categories. (If there was a tie, the tying players bid one more time, and if a tie persisted, the round ended in a draw.) Sometimes, a category hid a bonus, such as "Two Free Picks" or "Double Pot".

'I'll bid $40 on the Green'When a player had at least $90, s/he could choose to spend that money in an attempt to win a prize. On a board were four "colors", each color having a squares that cost $20, $30, and $40 to reveal. The player picked squares of the board, trying to find the same prize hidden behind each of the three dollar amounts. If successful, that player won the game, got that prize, and played against two new challengers. A bonus was won for matching a prize on a player's first three picks. Otherwise, another round began.

Loogaroo Looks it Over

This show is easily - EASILY - the most underrated show in the genre. Chances are, none of the general public under the age of 40 even remembers this show. But lemme tell ya, this show perfectly melds strategy, knowledge, and luck to make a very fun game. Bill Cullen does his usual fantastic job as a host, as well. The only reason I take points off is for the theme music (flute solos don't sit well with me), and because the value of the prizes tended to jump around a bit. Still there's no reason why this game couldn't be revived.

Three on a Match

Gameplay: 3 pts.
Host: 3 pts.
Presentation: 1 pt.
Execution: 1 pt.
Total Score: 8 pts.

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