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Lifespan: October 1984 - April 1985
Host: Bob Eubanks
Announcer: Bob Hilton, Charlie O'Donnell
Produced by: Mark Goodson Productions

Front Game Rules (first version)

Oh no! It's the trap!Three "Seniors" over 30 competed against three "Juniors" under 30. In the opening round, each team played two questions. For each question, two rows of four answers were shown and the team chose which one they wanted to play. A question was asked, and one by one the team members eliminated one of the answers as being wrong. If the team could cut one wrong answer before picking the right one, they won $50; two right answers, $100; all three right answers, $300.

Bob asks a question in the $1000 RaceThe second round was the "$1000 Race". Three subjects were shown to the leading team, they chose one, and a question was asked. Each team member had one chance to give the correct answer, or else control went to the other team. The first ten questions were worth $100 each; every question thereafter was worth $200. The first team to reach $1000 won the game and advanced to the bonus round.

Front Game Rules (second version)

Bob reads the players the questions in their true/false packetLater during the run, the first round was removed in favor of two other games. To start with, each team took part in two true/false quizzes. Selecting one of two packets of questions, each team member was given a true/false statement, and won $25 for getting the statement right.

In the second round, each team played two four-answer questions. Like before, two rows of answers were shown and the team selected one. This time, the team members each chose the answer they thought was right. If one player was right, the team got $50; if two players were right, they got $100; if the whole time had the right answer, they won $200. The third round was the same "$1000 Race".

End Game Rules (Both versions)

Our players line up for the bonus roundOn we go to the $10,000 question...The winning team now played as individuals, and were ranked according to how many right answers they each had in the $1000 Race. The first-ranked player saw the first row of answers, and could elect whether to play the question or pass it down the line. If passed, the second-ranked player got the same option. The third-ranked player had to answer whatever question s/he got. A right answer made that player eligible for a chance at $10,000; a wrong answer knocked the player out of the round. The players left after three questions were then given one more question, and each locked in their answers independently. A right answer won or shared the $10,000.

Loogaroo Looks it Over

Certainly one of the more casual game shows out there - everyone was wearing sweaters. The gameplay was pretty slow, and the switches made midway through the run made things even worse. Having the winners compete individually in the bonus round was a neat idea, though. Bob Eubanks, probably one of the most casual hosts in the genre, was a good fit for this show, and the set was nice and flashy. It's a fun show to watch, but the game could use some improvement.

Trivia Trap

Gameplay: 1 pt.
Host: 3 pts.
Presentation: 2 pts.
Execution: 1 pt.
Total Score: 7 pts.

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