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Lifespan: September 1990 - September 1991
Hosts: Jimmy Cefalo
Announcers: Chuck Reilly
Model: Debi Massey
Produced by: Fiedler-Berlin Creations

Front Game Rules

The contestant podiumsThree players competed. Each player had a Bingo card with fifteen numbers on it. The object of the first round was to be the first player to fill in the four corners of his/her card. Four categories were offered, each with four questions. When a player buzzed in with a correct answer, s/he filled in a corner, but a wrong answer knocked that player out of the next question. The first player to fill in the corners won $750.

Host Jimmy Cefalo asks another questionA Trump Card is playedThe second round was played in the same fashion, with four categories. The object in this round was to fill in the center line of the card, needing five right answers to do it. Also, at the start of this round, each player was given a Trump card. When a player gave a right answer, s/he had the opportunity to use the Trump card against an opponent, stopping his/her progress and imposing a half-second penalty on his/her buzzer. A right answer neutralized the Trump card. The first player to fill in the center line won $1500.

The final round was a speed round, with the players trying to fill in all the remaining squares on his/her card. The first player to do so won $3000 and advanced to the bonus round.

End Game Rules

The champ tries to get five in a rowThe contestant was presented another Bingo card, this time with 25 spaces. The player had 45 seconds to get five squares in a row across, down, or diagonally. The player would pick a number from 1 to 25 and host Cefalo asked a question. A right answer claimed the square, a wrong answer or a pass blocked it out. Before the round, the player drew from a deck of cards to claim one free square, two if s/he managed to hold on to his/her Trump Card in the front game. Getting 5 in a row won $10,000.

End Game Rules

Donald Trump makes an appearanceTrump Card was taped in Trump Castle in Atlantic City, New Jersey. In the premiere, hotel magnate Donald Trump came on stage to welcome viewers to the show.

Players who won the $10,000 bonus round became eligible for a $100,000 Tournament of Champions.

Loogaroo Looks it Over

The bingo element adds an extra twist to what would otherwise be a fairly pedestrian Q&A game. The Trump Card rule was never fully explained; Jimmy Cefalo said it would "Stop the progress" of an opponent, but it takes some watching to notice what it actually does. The set that's drenched in gold and the bombastic music helps convey the lavish atmosphere of the show, and the prize money wasn't that bad, either.

Trump Card

Gameplay: 1 pt.
Host: 2 pts.
Presentation: 2 pts.
Execution: 2 pts.
Total Score: 7 pts.

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