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Lifespan: April 2001 - September 2003
Hosts: Anne Robinson, George Gray
Announcer: John Kramer
Produced by: Phil Gurin Entertainment

Front Game Rules (Primetime version)

The first round in progressEight players compete. In each round, the objective is to "bank" $125,000. This can be accomplished in one of two ways: either by the team answering eight consecutive answers correctly, or by assembling smaller chains that add up to that total. Upon answering a question wrong, the current chain is broken and the money is lost. If, before a player's question is started, the player says "bank", the money in the chain is safe, but the team will have to start a new chain. When time expires, only money that has already been safely banked is added to the pot, whether or not an active chain was in play when time ran out. The first round lasts 2 1/2 minutes; each subsequent round lasts 10 seconds less.

A contestant casts his voteYou ARE the Weakest Link... Goodbye!At the end of each round, the players vote on who they believe to be the "Weakest Link" of the team. The player that amasses the most votes is eliminated from the game immediately. In case of a tie, the player that was statistically the strongest for that round makes the final decision. When only two people remain, one final money round is played, with the dollar values doubled. The top prize potentially is $1,000,000.
Who will take home all the money?At the end of the seventh round, the two finalists compete against each other for the amount earned throughout the game. Each player is asked 5 questions; whoever gets the most questions right wins the game. In case of a tie, the round continues until one player gets a question right and the other gets one wrong. The winner gets all the money banked throughout the game; all the losers get nothing.

Front Game Rules (Syndicated version)

The half-hour version of the show makes the following changes: There are only six players, and a six-question chain will earn the $12,500 target. The first round lasts 1:45, and each round after that takes 15 seconds off the clock. In the final round, only three questions are asked to each player.

Loogaroo Looks it Over

Weakest Link

Gameplay: 2 pts.
It's been said before: The strongest link shouldn't be voted off.
Host: 2 pts. (Robinson), 3 pts. (Gray)
Anne Robinson may have created the anti-host persona, but George Gray's wise-acre personality fits the job perfectly.
Presentation: 2 pts.
Cold, dark, and foreboding - another set that reminds me of the Fortress of Solitude.
Execution: 2 pts.
I don't think anyone expects to come close to the top prize offered, and that's OK.
Total Score: 8-9 pts.

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