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Lifespan: September 1987 - September 1988
Host: Peter Tomarken
Announcer: Jim Hackett, Bob Ridgely, John Harlan
Produced by: Peter Tomarken

Front Game Rules

A normal first-round boardThe contestant podiumsThree players began the game. In the first round, a board with 16 items were shown to the players; 11 of them fit into a particular category, 5 of them didn't. Each player took turns choosing answers off the board. The first right answer won $25, the second won $50, the third $75, and so on up to the eleventh answer worth $275. After choosing at least one answer, a player could pass his/her turn to the next player in line. If a wrong answer was chosen, the player hit a "Wipeout" and lost all his/her money along with his/her turn. Hidden among the right answers was a "Hot Spot", which was worth a bonus prize. If a Wipeout was hit along the way, though, the prize went back up on the board. The two players with the most money after all the right or wrong answers were chosen moved on to the second round.

I can name than tune in si-... Sorry, wrong show.In the second round, a maximum of three boards were played. Each board consisted of 12 answers; 8 right, 4 wrong. A category was read, and each player bid on how many of the eight items they could identify. The high bid got that responsibility. If the bid was met, that player won the board, but if a Wipeout was hit, the other player could win the round by picking just one right answer. The first player to win two boards won the game, got a prize, and went to the Bonus Round.

End Game Rules

Our winner negotiates the bonus round board......then runs back to see how he didIn the bonus round, the contestant was shown another board of 12 answers; 6 right, 6 wrong. The contestant had 60 seconds to run to the board and touch the six screens s/he thought were the right answers. No more than six screens could be highlighted at any one time. When finished, the player ran back and hit a button which would tell them how many of the highlighted answers were right (although not which ones). If there were less than six right answers, the player had to go back, unselect one or more screens and try again. If all six right answers were picked, the player won a new car.

Loogaroo Looks it Over


Gameplay: 2 pts.
The second round swiped from Name That Tune, but on the whole it's a good concept and the bonus round is among the best in the genre.
Host: 2 pts.
Peter Tomarken was a little less animated than he was on PYL, but he certainly knew his way around the format.
Presentation: 2 pts.
Nice, flashy set and great theme song. What more could you want?
Execution: 2 pts.
Lots of money thrown around in the front game, and they're equally generous in the later rounds.
Total Score: 8 pts.

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