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Lifespan: September 1996 - January 1997
Host: Tom Parks
Announcer: Burton Richardson
Child Experts: Ellen Winters, Marilyn Kagan
Produced by: Jay Wolpert Enterprises

Front Game Rules

Tom Parks reads a dilemmaThree couples compete, married or not, with or without their own children. In each round, host Parks reads a dilemma involving children, like this one:

"When your 13-year-old daughter Gloria opted for woodshop instead of home ec. at school, you figured you had a feminist in the making. Now you're sure of it. Wanting to do more boy things, Gloria applied to the Boy Scouts - and was hastily rejected. Now she comes to you asking you to aid her in filing a lawsuit against this male organization. What do you do?"

Dr. Winters gives her opinionA. Tell her to go for it - she has her rights.
B. Get her interested in the Girl Scouts - as soon as possible.
C. Tell Gloria not to fight it - It's who you are, not what you belong to.

Each couple chose one of the three options as the most suitable. (In the first three rounds, the couples decided as a team, with one member of the couple or another getting the final say.) After they've each made their choice, the resident child expert explains which choice of the three she decided on.

The couples display their choicesIn the first round, matching the expert was worth 1 point; in the second round, 2 points; in the third, 3 points; in the fourth round, each match earned 4 points, and the players all chose independently. After four rounds, the highest-scoring couple won the game. In the event of a tie, host Parks read another situation ("Your 6-year old son likes to hide in the closet and scare people"), and the teams decide whether it's a problem or OK (a normal part of development). The team that matched the expert won.

End Game Rules

That's a Problem!In the bonus round, the winning couple took turns listening to another set of dilemmas fashioned like that in the tiebreaker ("Every time you put a hat on your 4-year-old son, he throws it down", "Your 12-year-old daughter is starting to wear makeup"). The player in control then decided if the situation was OK or a Problem. If correct, a window in the picture of a house was lit up. If the couple could light up seven windows in 60 seconds, they won a prize package (usually a trip, but sometimes a car); otherwise, they got $100 for each window they did light up.

Loogaroo Looks it Over

Wait 'Til You Have Kids!

Gameplay: 1 pt.
The game moved pretty slowly, and relying on an "expert" for right answers is not a good idea.
Host: 2 pts.
Tom Parks did a fairly good job, considering what he was handed.
Presentation: 1 pt.
The first half of the season, the set looked like a coloring book.
Execution: 1 pt.
They touted the Geo Metro as "the official car of WTYHK", but didn't give one away in the bonus round until near the end of the run. (Not that the couples were tripping over themselve to win one.)
Total Score: 5 pts.

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