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loogslair.com Is that your final answer?

$25,000 is up for grabs if our three players don't let it slip away, as we play...


OBJECTIVE: Three players compete. Each contestant tries to amass as high a score as possible, then prevent it from draining away.


Each player is spotted 100 points in their "Think Tank". Then the host asks a series of questions, each with multiple answers. The first player to buzz in with a correct answer earns 10 points; the second player to buzz in and get the answer right gets 5 points. If an incorrect answer is given, his Think Tank "springs a leak" and loses 1 point for every second of gameplay. The leak persists until that player answers a question right.

ROUND 2 - "The Pipeline"

Each contestant now comes up, one at a time, and tries to organize a list of 6 items in the proper order. With each attempt, the player will be shown how far down the Pipeline he has gone before having a wrong answer. (Note: even if answers are correct behind that wrong answer, the contestant will not be told that.) Meanwhile, the player's Think Tank is slowly being drained 2 points every second until the list is completed. After all three players have had a turn, the player with the smallest Think Tank is eliminated.

ROUND 3 - "Running Empty"

The trailing player starts, and is asked a general-knowledge question. If he answers correctly, he passes control over to the leader. If an incorrect answer is given, he stays in control and his Think Tank begins to drain 3 points a second until a right answer is given. The first player whose Think Tank is emptied out is eliminated, and the last remaining player wins $1000. If nobody has drained out after each player has had 3 turns, the drain goes up to 5 points per second.

BONUS ROUND - "The Brain Drain"

The contestant now is given $5000 outright, but is now given the responsibility of preserving it as he answers questions. A total of 10 questions are asked. A right answer keeps the money safe, a wrong answer starts the money to drain at $100 a second until another right answer is given.

After five questions, the player has the opportunity to "Empty the Tank" and take the money in the Tank at that time, or continue on for another five questions. After the tenth question, any money left in the Tank is multiplied by five. (If the Drain is on, it stops while the player decides to continue or take the money.) If all ten questions are answered correctly, or if only the last question is answered wrong, the top prize of $25,000 is won.

Each game is played with three new contestants.


The Tank gimmick is really strong throughout the game, making the scorekeeping quite a bit more intriguing. Also, the bonus round could provoke some difficult decisions, particularly if there's still a lot of money still in the Tank.


I dunno... maybe the gimmick is a little overdone?


    I really don't see where any changes need to be made.

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