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Since we had a number of complaints regarding some of the methodology of last year's tournament, I turned to some of last year's judges to help me out in settling on a format for this year's GST. We still have the same basic idea, but we've opened things up to give people more flexibility over the matches. Here's how this year's GST will work.

Eligible shows

The following forms of shows are eligible to compete in the GST:

  • Solitaire quiz shows
  • Panel shows
  • Vote-based reality shows (Survivor, Big Brother)
  • Merit-based reality shows (The Mole, The Amazing Race)
  • Athletic Competitions (Dog Eat Dog, Gladiators)

The following forms of shows will not be eligible:

  • Talent shows (Gong Show, American Idol)
  • Relationship-based reality shows (Temptation Island, Meet My Folks)
  • Dating shows (Blind Date, Change of Heart)
  • Lottery Shows (Hoosier Millionaire, The Big Spin)

The Nomination Process

During the nomination process, anyone is welcome to submit their list of their TEN to TWENTY-FIVE favorite shows. The higher on the list a show appears, the more points it will be allocated. The point distribution is as follows:

#130 pts.
#228 pts.
#325 pts.
#422 pts.
#520 pts.
#618 pts.
#715 pts.
#812 pts.
#910 pts.
#107 pts.
#11 - #155 pts. each
#16 - #203 pts. each
#21 - #251 pt. each

The Final Four from last year's GST - PYRAMID, JEOPARDY!, PASSWORD, and THE PRICE IS RIGHT - are guaranteed #1 seedings in the four regions this year, and as such need not be nominated. Also, as has been the case every year, shows that have had multiple renditions are handled as one single entry. If a person nominates either a Final Four entrant or two separate runs of the same show, that nomination will be ignored and all shows below it will be moved up accordingly.

Nominations will last one week. After that time, the qualifying shows will be organized into four brackets of 16 shows each. Qualifying shows will be determined in this manner:

  • The show that appeared on the most ballots will receive the "strongest" #2 berth (going up against the "weakest" #1 seed according to last year's results). If there is a tie, priority goes to the show with the highest score.

  • In all other cases, the shows will be ranked in order of their nomination score. If there is a tie, the show with the most votes gets priority, followed by the show with the longest first-run lifespan.

  • Assuming that at least 60 shows will receive more than one vote, a show MUST have at least 2 votes to qualify; shows that only appear on one ballot (regardless of position) will not be put in the brackets. If fewer than 60 shows receive nominations, this rule will be waived.

The Tournament

The tournament consists of 63 matches in which two shows will "compete" head to head. For each match, a number of predetermined judges will cast their vote as to which show is better. The show that receives the most votes from these particular judges will advance to the next round. The tournament is single-elimination, meaning that any loss eliminates that show from a chance at the championship. (However, the losers from the two Final Four matches will compete in a third-place Consolation match.)

Prior to the start of each round, the voting pool will be divided into four separate groups. Each group will be in charge of a different bracket in each round of the competition. The number of judges that will cast votes in each match depends on the round.

  • In the first two rounds of the tournament, half of each group will vote on four matches each.
  • In the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 rounds, the entire group will vote in each match.
  • In the Final Four, all four groups will merge, and half the roster will vote in each match.
  • The Consolation match will be decided by all judges who have had perfect attendance (No absences) up to that point.
  • All judges on the roster will vote in the Championship match.

Whether or not you are assigned a particular match, all judges are encouraged to vote in each match, for if the match ends in a tie among assigned judges, the majority vote of all judges will break the tie. However, a judge must recuse himself from any match in which he has not seen one or both shows competing.

Judges for each match will be selected through the use of a random number generator.


Prior to the Sweet 16, any person who either submits a list of nominees or casts a vote in a GST match will be added to the roster for the following round. After the beginning of the Sweet 16, unofficial judges may only cast tiebreaker votes, and from the Final Four on, only judges on the roster will be allowed to vote in each match.

If a judge is absent from his assigned matches, he will not be assigned any further matches until he makes contact with me again, at which point he will be reinstituted.

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