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Tape Trading

I've got a collection of almost 1000 game show episodes in my video library, and I'd be happy to do some trades with other game show fans who might want to add to their own collections. Of course, I'm always looking for episodes to add to my own list. If you're a seasoned trader on the circuit, you're more than welcome to drop me a line and let me know you'd like to trade.

You might notice that my collection is not online right now. I did this for a reason: if you'd like to do a trade with me, I'd like to know before I give you my collection. So, I've established a protocol for potential traders to follow. Don't worry, we're probably still going to be able to do a trade, but I was starting to get tired of E-mails that immediately made demands. So, here's how you go about making a trade request:

    1. E-mail me using the link on the left, letting me know that you'd like to trade. In your message, you should either have your episode collection, or a link to a website containing your collection. Also, let me know if you can read Excel spreadsheets, since my collection is in that format.

    2. I'll reply by either accepting or turning down your request. If I say yes, I'll attach my collection to the message.

    3. You can then reply with the list of shows from my collection you'd like and your mailing address. I'll do the same.

    4. Let me know when you're ready to send off my tape, and I'll try to send it on or near the same day. If there's a delay, I'll let you know.

Aside from that, I do have a few requests regarding our trades:

    - Each episode has tape number next to it. When picking episodes, be sure to mention which tape your episodes are on. If you just pick a show without choosing a specific episode, I'll try to pick the "best" one.

    - Most trades will be from 4-6 hours. 8-hour trades aren't out of the question, though.

    - Let me know if you're going to put "bonus" episodes on the tape, so I can do the same.

    - Please leave the front label unused, so I can number the tape myself. Also, if you could list the episodes on the top label, I'd appreciate it.

Still interested in doing a trade? Then E-mail me!

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