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The eight players behind me have never seen or heard of each other before. But in a moment, they will have to make snap judgements about each other's character. Because this isn't just a game of knowledge. This is a game of...


OBJECTIVE: Eight contestants try to build up a bank of up to over $28,000. But as they play, indiviual players may have a chance to steal the bank and walk away.


The front game is played in four rounds. In each round, each player is selected randomly to answer a question. In the first round, the first correct answer adds $25 to the pot, the second adds $50, the third adds $75, and so forth. If all eight players get their question right, a total of $900 is added to the pot.

Once each player has answered their question, they must now select one player amongst them with which to entrust the money. Players vote secretly, and once the votes are locked in, the team only finds out which player has been chosen. They do not know how many votes that player received, or who each player voted for. In case of a tie, the tying player who had the most valuable right answer is chosen.

After the host talks to some of the players about why the chosen player can be trusted (even if the players asked didn't vote for that person), the chosen player has a decision to make: He can "Stay", meaning he remains in the game and the money in the pot is doubled; or he can "Betray", taking all the money in the pot himself and walking away. If the chosen player Betrays the team, the team must start from scratch and with one fewer player.

In the second round, the questions are worth multiples of $50. In the third round, each question is worth a multiple of $100. In the fourth and final round of questioning, questions are worth multiples of $200. If all eight players Stay in the game and get all their questions right, the pot will total $28,800 at the end of the fourth round.


After the fourth round of questioning, the players must vote one final time to decide on which player will be entrusted with the final pot. That player now has a difficult decision: to Share or Steal. If he Shares, the pot is split evenly amongst all remaining players, and the chosen player has a chance to have his honesty rewarded. If he Steals, he stands to take the entire pot himself and leave the other players with nothing, but his deviousness may backfire.

If the chosen player Shares, he is given a key that he can use to open the locked compartment inside his podium. Inside that compartment is a marker that bears a x1, x2 or x4 multiplier for his own share of the money. 4 podiums have a x1 multiplier, 3 podiums have x2 and one podium has the x4 multiplier. (Even if he finds the x4, though, he still wouldn't win as much money as he would've if he'd Stolen the bank.)

If the chosen player Steals, any player who distrusted him (meaning any player who didn't vote for him) has a chance to use their key to open a second compartment in their podium. One podium conceals an "Enforcer" marker; if a distrusting player has it, the chosen player gets nothing and everyone else's share is preserved; otherwise, the chosen player walks off scot-free with the entire bank.


The Prisoner's Dilemma, only with more variables. The final round gives the chosen player plenty of things to consider, having to decide on a smaller amount of money or the chance that he, and nobody else, ends up getting shafted.


The end game I have right now is probably the best thing I could come up with when it comes to making both Sharing and Stealing look enticing. But it may be a tad confusing.


    If there's some way to tighten up the end game, that would help immensely.

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