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The Weakest Link Game Control Version 2.2

Have you wanted to host your own game of The Weakest Link with your friends?

Well, neither have I, but I decided to make this program anyway.

For the first time ever, you get to see my wonderful (snicker) Visual Basic skills with this, The Weakest Link Game Control. With it, you can play along with the show, or host your own game of TWL with 6 to 9 of your closest friends. You can play with any one of three formats: a 6-player, $100,000 game; an 8-player, $1,000,000 game; or a 9-player, $10,000 game like they have in Great Britain (of course, they use pounds). TWLGC V2.1 also keeps track of each player's statistics for each round, although whether you let the players know about them is another story altogether. TWLGC V2.2 also has sounds from the show, as well as MIDI music that plays as the clock ticks down.

You want screenshots? I got your screenshots right here (click to enlarge):

The first round in progress

Who's the dim bulb on the Christmas tree?

Anne gives a player the heave-ho

Download weakest.zip (1.06 MB)

Make sure the path you put the program in contains no spaces, or else you'll get error messages for the sound and music files.

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