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Guardian of the Ceremony

A Serial by Tim Connolly

A young man, chosen to travel the universe and retrieve six magical objects. Little does he know what adventures will await him. With his powers, he must protect the universe from the evil beings who wish to abuse the talismans. He is the guardian of the ceremony. He is the Ki'rath.

Here's where you can find all the earlier chapters of Ki'rath, a story that I began in March of 2003 and has since received rave reviews by its readers. It tells the ongoing story of a 17-year-old named Hogan, who has been endowed with incredible powers and given the task of finding six magic talismans before they fall into evil hands. With each talisman he finds, Hogan grows stronger, but he still finds himself in trouble most of the time.

If you're new to the story, you can start from the beginning of the story and read through the piece at your leisure, or, if you want to jump into the story right now, I also have a brief recap of the first three sagas so you can get up to speed with what's happened to this point. (You should still read the full chapters, though - you'll miss a lot if you don't.)

As a quick warning, this story does contain violence of a hand-to-hand nature, as well as mild cussing. Rated T for Teen.

Anyways, on with the show!

Interlude: Earth Revisited
59: Home Again
Saga 1: Earth
Saga 2: Dracon
Saga 3: Desolation
1: The Book 14: A Voice in the Darkness 20: Desolation
2: Time Stands Still 15: An Audience with Drax 21: The Forgotten Children
3: The First Test 16: Friend and Foe 22: Under Siege
4: Around in Circles 17: Clash of the Wills 23: Entertainment
5: Crosswinds 18: The Prince Has Fallen 24: A Clever Trick
6: Gridlock 19: An Act of Sacrifice 25: The Mad Scientist
7: Fighting From Within 26: Keeping a Promise
8: Needle in a Haystack 27: An Evil Pairing
9: Enjoy the Show 28: Dealing with the Devil
10: Body and Soul 29: Five Weeks and Counting
11: The Internal Battle 30: Ki'rath vs. Ki'rath
12: The Ki'rath's Destiny 31: Vengeance
13: Ageless Evil, Ageless Good 32: Cameo
Saga 4: Sarlow
Saga 5: Du'im
33: The Underdog 46: Across the Void
34: Making the Cut 47: Less Than Welcome
35: A Marked Man 48: Making Amends
36: Sabotage 49: Playing the Fool
37: Hogan's Struggle 50: All the Wrong Answers
38: The Main Event 51: The Fourth Power
39: The Truth Comes Out 52: Burning with Anger
40: Facing the Music 53: Handing it Over
41: Class Reunion 54: Unholy Alliances
42: The Ties That Bind 55: Ultimatum
43: Final Training 56: Tea Time
44: Second Time Around 57: Redemption
45: No Uncertain Terms 58: A Token of Gratitude
The First 3 Sagas in Brief

If you have any comments you'd like to leave about the story, or would like to contribute in any way (like, say, fan art), feel free to E-mail me using the link on the left. Just be sure to reverse the ".moc" tag at the end.