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loogslair.com I didn't scare you off, did I?

Here are some of my favorite sites out there on the web. Those marked with a are my absolute favorites.

Game Shows

TVGameshows.net (Steve Beverly)

The Original Game $how Page!

Curt Alliaume's Game Shows of 1975

The UK Game Show Page

Brad Francini's Game Show Central

Chuck Donegan's Game Show Page

Matt Kaiser's College of Game Show Knowledge

The Golden Road

Travis Eberle's Game Show Jackpot

Matt Ottinger's Game Show Compendium

Video Games

DDR Freak

Flying Omelette's Kitchen

The Jaded Gamer


The Videogame Music Archive

The NES Horsemen

Nintendo A-Go-Go (Defunct)

RoyalRanger's NES Site (Defunct)

NES Player (Defunct)

The NES El33t (Defunct)

|tsr's NES archive (Defunct)

Toneman's Page O' HappiNES (Defunct)

The Classicgaming.com Review Archive (Defunct)

Comics & Humor

Ozy & Millie


Jump the Shark

Penny Arcade

Homestar Runner

Mystery Science Theater 3000

Conservative Propaganda

Rush Limbaugh

Ann Coulter


Sean Hannity


Everywhere else

FOX News Channel



Cartoon Network

Adult Swim

The Danger Mouse Site