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Here are some of the weird, wild things you'll find as you're playing through the game of Dragon Warrior.

Case Study #1: What's in a name?

If you've had more than one person playing a DW campaign on the same cartridge, you may notice that one person starts with more HP than another. Similarly, one of the players might be gaining HP at a different rate than the other. Why is this happening? The answer, oddly enough, has to do with the name you've input.

Notice how I've started with 16 HP...
But Joe starts with only 13.

Put simply, the first four letters of your name are each given a value, and its mod-16 valuable (the remainder when you divide the total by 16) effects your starting HP, MP (when you get to Level 3), Strength, and Agility, as well as how these statistics go up each time you advance to a new level. Wanna know more? Click here. (In my case, both "Loog" and "Tim" give me the best starting HP and MP but below-average Strength and Agility to start, and the best Strength and Agility growth rates but the worst HP and MP growth. Joe's going to have the same growth rates, but 3 less HP and MP than me.)

Case Study #2: Envious guards

One of the guards in Tantegel Castle seems eager to look for Princess Gwaelin, but unfortunately he's stuck in one spot for the whole game. When you rescue Gwaelin, he gets a little miffed.

Well, she's not in the castle; we know that.
Someone's not getting a Christmas card next year!

Case Study #3: Ridiculous Rimuldarians

Two residents in Rimuldar are stuck in opposite corners of town, wondering where the other one is. Besides being a cute little element, they also serve as boundaries so you can access the key shop on the other side of the moat.

Case Study #4: They're not Herbs, but they're close enough

Cantlin has the most variety of any town. Here, you can find all salable forms of weapons and armor, all salable items, Fairy Water... and Radishes. And there's a woman in town who seems to be that shop's only customer.

I'd love to, but I need room for my Death Necklace.
I guess carrots are out of the question.

Case Study #5: Crazy Cantlians

The radish salesman isn't the only thing out of the ordinary in this town. It seems that being isolated from the rest of the world has made these people a little stir crazy.

This woman has just set the feminist movement
back about 200 years.
Howard's in Garinham, in case you're
looking for him.

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