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The Story

A very long time ago, in the distant kingdom of Alefgard. The majestic castle of Tantegel rose from the middle of the land, watching over all its people. The King, Lorik XIII, was among the fairest and just of kings. Everyone in the land was happy, as the hand of peace stretched through the full length of the Kingdom, to each of the 6 towns that were within the boundaries of the Kingdom.

Only one person was unhappy, but unfortunately for Alefgard, one was quite enough. This man was one who hated such peace and prosperity, and he distanced himself from everyone by deciding to settle in the castle of Charlock, on an island to the southeast of Tantegel. This castle had been ruined for years, as the swamp steadily engulfed the land around it with a stench of death and decay. Here he could be with the darkness he desired. But as he wandered into the castle, he came across a huge, winged dragon. He thought most surely that he would be killed, but as he turned to run the dragon suddenly lay down on the floor in front of him.

The man was confused, but he told the dragon to sit up. The dragon did so. He then told the dragon to roll over and play dead, which the dragon did also. It was then that this man began to call himself the Dragonlord. This man, the Dragonlord, decided that with this power he could take over the kingdom of Alefgard and turn into a world of darkness as he wished. By stealing the Orb of Light from Tantegel, the peace would end and evil would spread across the land.

The Orb of Light was a magical artifact that was once used long ago by a hero named Erdrick to battle evil. With this Orb of Light, Erdrick sealed the evil that once plagued Alefgard. The Orb of Light had been kept at Tantegel for 100 years, but that would soon change. One day, monsters began pouring from Charlock Castle and headed for Tantegel Castle. Leading them was the Dragonlord, riding on the back of a huge red dragon. The monsters stormed the castle and snatched up the Orb of Light, killing any of those who resisted. Then, they withdrew, heading back to Charlock Castle, and they destroyed the bridge behind them, so that no one could follow them.

Soon after, the Dragonlord utterly destroyed the town of Hauksness, which was situated in the Domdora desert, far to the southwest of Tantegel. It appeared that the destruction of Alefgard was not far away. But, there was one hope. Recently a warrior appeared in Alefgard; a descendant of Erdrick. This warrior is you. The King was requested an audience and now you find yourself in the throne room of King Lorik XIII, awaiting your quest...

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