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Dragon Warrior Shrine

Welcome to my shrine dedicated to what's often heralded as the first exclusive RPG for the NES: Dragon Warrior. Since its release in 1989, millions of players have assumed the role of the hero of Alefgard, and here you'll find all sorts of information that will be of use as you play.

Here's what the Shrine has to offer:

The Story - A look at the backstory surrounding Dragon Warrior.

Reference Tables - The stats and figures that you may need to look up.

Enemies - Get up close and personal with the baddies crawling around Alefgard.

Maps - Maps of the dungeons, as well as a map of the entire kingdom and where enemies are plotted.

Walkthrough - A step-by-step guide on how to get through the game.

Oddities - Some interesting quirks found in the game.

Review - The original Loogslair.com review of the cartridge.

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