The NES Enshrined

This site is in honor of The NES Enshrined, which was among the foremost NES pages during its two-year lifespan. It's maintainer, DiefWolf, has since gone on to other things, pursuing a career in writing. Several months later, the site disappeared from its webspace.

I luckily had the presence of mind to archive all of the material from the Shrine on a Zip disk, in the eventual case that the site would be taken down. Dief mentioned that if such occurred for whatever reason, he would make no efforts to repost his work. So, in the wake of the site's disappearance, I will do for Dief what Quizzle did for Spazzoid, and host the site on my space.

The layout here will be exactly the same as that you remember Dief using before he left with only a couple changes. First, I have taken off the frames, since they would get too much in the way of my own frames; and second, certain areas of the site such as the Disclaimer, Webrings, MIDI Archive, and FAQ were removed because of either insufficient space on the Zip disk which I used to store it all or obsoletion.

With all that said, it's now time to step inside the Shrine...

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