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The 2000 NES Tournament

Back in 1999, DiefWolf organized a tournament involving 64 different NES games. Well, it's time to drag that old thing out again once more for this summer. This year will have a similar format to last year, except this time around all judges are welcome to vote in each match; only a certain portion of them will have their votes be official. For more on the voting process, check out the Rules page.

THE LEGEND OF ZELDA wins it all!!

In an extremely tense matchup, the ultimate classic took the final decision. With a 9-6 decision over Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda did what it couldn't do last year: win the final match. Final Fantasy also deserves commendation for reaching the championship match after being whisked off the brackets in the first round last year. Ninja Gaiden won the consolation match, and it will receive the third #1 seed next year, when Chrono will host the tournament.

I wish to thank each and every judge that has posted a ballot. Whether for Super Mario 3 or for Darkwing Duck, it's your votes that make this tournament work, and it would be nothing without you guys. Special thanks to those who stuck around after the NESescity debacle, and I'd also like to extend my gratitude to Brandon, who wrote up the predictions for the first round of matches.

Well, that's going to wrap it up for this year. Now it's back to finding another excuse not to do reviews. :) For now, this is Loogaroo reminding you for the last time that you can't complain if you DON'T VOTE!!

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