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Video Game MIDIs

Video games have always been known to have some fantastic music. Many amateur musicians have attempted to translate the music of countless video games into MIDI form. Few have succeeded. But those that do, can be found here for your enjoyment.

If you'd like to listen to this music while you browse, click here to open up my MIDI jukebox.

Battle Music Boss Music
Blaster Master
Stage 1 Stage 3
Bionic Commando
Stage 1 Stage 5
(Super) Castlevania 1, 2, 3, IV
CV I Stage 1 CV I Stage 3 CV I Stage 5
CV I Stage 6 CV I Medley CV II Towns
CV II Daytime Battles CV II Nighttime Music CV II Dracula's Mansion
CV II Medley CV III Prelude CV III Route 1
CV III Route 2 CV III Route 3 CV III Route 6
CV III Route 7 CV III Route 13 CV III Route 15
CV III Dracula's third form CV III Ending CV III Medley (374K)
SCV IV Stage 1
Chrono Trigger
1000 AD Millenium Fair 600 AD
Guardia Castle Magus Battle
Double Dragon 1, 2
DD1 Title Screen DD1 Stage 1 DD2 Stage 2
Dragon Warrior 2, 4
DW2 Overworld Music DW4 Game Select DW4 Battle Music
DW4 Overworld Medley
Exterminated Threed Final Battle Ending Music (Cast)
Fantasy Zone
Stage Music 1 Stage Music 2
Final Fantasy 1, 2, 5j, 3
FF I Battle Music FF I Battle Music (2) FF I Cave Music
FF II Overture FF II Battle Music FF II Boss Music
FF II Fiend Music FF II Cave Music FF II Lunar Cave Music
FF II Lunar Subterrain Music FF II Final Battle FF II Ending music
FF II Overworld Music FF Vj Final Boss Music FF Vj Dragon Music
FF Vj Overworld Music FF Vj Woruse Castle FF III Overture
FF III Overworld Music FF III Town music FF III Battle
FF III Battle Victory FF III Boss Music FF III Chocobo Music
FF III Figaro Castle FF III Zozo Music FF III Opera overture
FF III Panic at the Opera FF III Airship Music FF III Falcon Music
FF III Locke's Theme FF III Forever Rachel FF III Setzer's Theme
FF III Daryl's Epitaph FF III Gogo's Theme FF III Kefka's theme
FF III Final Battle
Kid Icarus
Title Music Underworld Fortress
Legend of Zelda, Zelda II, LTP
Zelda I Title Music Zelda I Overworld Music Zelda II Palace Music
Zelda LTP Hyrule Castle Zelda LTP Light World Music Zelda LTP Dark World Music
Zelda LTP Ending Music Zelda LTP Credit Music
Life Force
Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
Stage 5
Mega Man 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, X
MM1 Elec Man MM1 Bomb Man MM1 Fire Man
MM1 Cut Man MM2 Air Man MM2 Bubble Man
MM2 Flash Man MM2 Quick Man MM2 Wood Man
MM2 Early Wily Stages MM2 Medley MM3 Title music
MM3 Hard Man MM3 Magnet Man MM3 Shadow Man
MM3 Snake Man MM3 Spark Man remix MM3 Top Man
MM3 Early Wily Stages MM3 Middle Wily Stages MM3 Late Wily Stages
MM4 Skull Man MM4 Dr. Cossack's Castle MM5 Charge Man
MM5 Crystal Man MM5 Gravity Man MM5 Gyro Man
MM5 Napalm Man MM5 Stone Man MM5 Wave Man
MM5 Proto Man MM5 Dr. Wily stages MM6 Blizzard Man
MM6 Flame Man MM6 Plant Man MMX Armor Armadillo
MMX Boomer Kuwanger MMX Chill Penguin MMX Flame Mammoth
MMX Storm Eagle MMX Boss Music
(Super) Metroid
Met. Overture Met. Brinstar Music Met. Kraid's Lair Music
Met. Escape and Ending Sup. Met. Ridley's Lair
Ninja Gaiden I, II
NG1 Act I, Scene 1 NG1 Act III, Scene 2 NG1 Act IV, Scene 2
NG2 Act II, Scene 1 NG2 Act II, Scene 2
River City Ransom
Main Theme Boss Music
Secret of Mana
Main Theme Lighthouse/Story beginning Overworld Music
Distant Thunder (Gaia's Navel) Upper World Ice Castle
Empire Towns Flammie Music Inside the Fortress
Final Battle Music Ending Music Credit Music
Sonic the Hedgehog 1, 2
Sonic 1 Green Hill Music Sonic 1 Star Light Music Sonic 2 Chemical Plant Music
Sonic 2 Aquatic Ruin Music Sonic 2 Casino Night Music Sonic 2 Mystic Cave Music
Incomplete Town Saved Town
Super Mario Kart/World/Bros. 1, 2
SMB1 Main Theme (All-Star version) SMB2 Overworld Music Invincibility Remix
SMK Donut Plains SMK Koopa Beach SMK Rainbow Road
SMW Credit Music
Adv. of Lolo Stage Music Baseball Simulator 1.000 Ultra League Breath of Fire Battle Music
Bust-a-Move Quest Music Contra Level 1 Music Deja Vu Bar Music
Duck Tales Himalyas Music Dr. Mario Chill Music F-Zero Mute City Music
Faxanadu Overworld Music Fester's Quest Overworld Music Gyruss Stage Music
Ice Hockey In-game Music Kirby's Adventure Stage Music Legacy of the Wizard Final Battle
Maniac Mansion Alien Music Marble Madness Beginner Race Punch Out Fight Remix
Rad Racer 2 "Gumball Crash" Solstice Title Music Space Harrier Theme
Star Fox Corneria StarTropics Battle Music Super Dodge Ball All-Stars Music
Super Bomberman Area 1

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